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Kerry Washington Covers Up Her Pregnancy on Scandal Set! Here Are 7 Other Ways She Can Disguise Her Bump

Kerry Washington Premiere/CPR/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

Pregnant Actress + Not Pregnant TV Character = Big Jackets and Even Bigger Purses

And Scandal execs seem to be doing the math, if this shot of pregnant Kerry Washington filming scenes as the very not pregnant Olivia Pope is any indication. (FYI, here's some more math: The episode order has been cut from 22 episodes to 18, to make way for the baby. RIP, four episodes of Scandal.) 

But overcoats and tote bags only go so far. A fat suit is probably out of the question too (Mad Men's Fatty Betty already did it), but here are some alternative options with handy Photoshop mock-ups:

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1. Olivia starts drinking wine by the barrel.

E! Loves ABC

She's basically already doing it. She just needs to swap the bottles for an actual barrel.

2. Bigger press badges.

E! Loves ABC

3. The white hat's back on...Olivia's lap! And it's always on her lap. Always.

E! Loves ABC

4. Add in loads more Olitz sex scenes.

E! Loves ABC

He's always going down there anyway.

5. Cast Peter Dinklage as Olivia's new bodyguard.

E! Loves ABC, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

With a terrorist mother and an—also maybe possibly?—evil dad, you can never be too safe.

6. Shoot all of Olivia's scenes with Mellie (and her hair) in the foreground.

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This would replace shooting through those disorienting glass windows panes.

7. All of the jam. All of it.

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If we had a jar of jam for every time Fitz and Olivia talked about going to Vermont and making jam and making babies and making more jam, we would have enough to hide a million baby bumps.

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