American Horror Story: Coven


With all the incredbly stellar performances and oh-my-god-that-did-not-just-happen moments on American Horror Story this season, it's easy to forget that's it's all happening on one of the most stunning sets in TV history.

You know what we're talking about.

That. House.

You can't see even a fraction of a scene with Miss Robicheaux's Academy for young witches without instantly falling in love. It's luxurious but simple, dramatic but understated, and...Just. So. Cool.

We want to live there, but we can't. So instead, we went behind the scenes with AHS' set designer of three seasons now, Mark Worthington, who filled us in on secrets of the Coven house, and how we can maybe steal a teensy bit of its awesomeness for our own abodes. (And hey, some of it's even affordable!)

The exterior is a real, historic New Orleans home called Buckner Mansion, which you can rent out for a mere $20,000. (Anyone want to go in on one night with us, with 200 of our closest friends?) And the interior is all Worthington's masterful creation, with, of course, the guidance of AHS mastermind Ryan Murphy.

Click the photos below, and go behind the scenes with us on one of TV's coolest sets of all time....

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