Fall TV Obsessions

It's Fall! The air is cool and crisp, the stores are stocked with pumpkin flavored everything, and all the TV shows are So. Crazy. Good!

As you all know, it's our job to be absolutely obsessed with anything and everything TV related.  However, we know we're not the only ones who are addicted to the magical picture box in our living room—you are, too!

Since so many of the shows this fall are totally killing it with their twists, turns, LOLs and jaw-dropping moments, we want to know which series you are most obsessed with so far this season. Which show are you willing to race home for, just so you can catch it live?

Which show are you already hoping against hope will stick around beyond this season?

Now's the time to show your support!

On Friday, we're launching a Fall TV Obsession tournament extravaganza, and we need your help deciding which 32 shows deserve an initial slot in the competition...

Before we begin, here are a few guidelines so we can all play nicely while battling it out for the top spot: The nominations can be both new and returning shows, but they have to currently be on the air. (We're sorry, Breaking Bad fans, but your ship has sailed.)

So if Scandal has been blowing your mind with all their missing-mama drama, or if American Horror Story: Coven has put you in trance with their spell-binding scares—nominate them! Are you glued to your couch when The Blacklist is on? Is this The Vampire Diaries' best season yet? It's time to show them your love.

Head on down to the comments with your fellow TV lovers to nominate the fall shows that you think deserves to be in the tournament. Then, check back with us Friday, Nov. 22, to vote for your favorites in our first round.

Or if you'd rather nominate your top picks on Twitter, tweet your shows to @kristindsantos with the hash tag #FallTVObsession!

Make your fandoms proud, but remember, let's play nicely. Happy nominating!

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