Keith Urban,Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., American Idol Judges

Michael Becker / FOX

Don't count American Idol out just yet, because new judge Harry Connick Jr. just might save the fading reality series.

The fact that we are that optimistic after watching a first look promo at the (sort of) new panel of judges should say a lot. In fact, watching Jennifer Lopez, Connick Jr. and Keith Urban in judging action was the most entertained we've been with Idol since…since…we can't even remember!

Fox has released a video previewing the judges and the talent coming in to audition, and while Lopez remains likable and Urban keeps his cool, country charm, it's Harry Connick Jr. that steals the show and puts hopes in the hearts of Idol fans, both former and current, everywhere. Why?

First of all, someone has been doing their push-ups! And someone has forgotten their razor. Both things do wonders for the mentor-turned-judge, and we're anxious to see more of his blue eyes on our TV screen. Sure, these are superficial reasons. But our faith in season 13 comes from other things we noticed in the video.

Harry is damn funny. We haven't laughed at Idol in a while (outside of the terrible auditions), but his interaction with the contestants actually provided some genuine comedy and light-hearted fun that we've been sorely missing from the singing competition. 

Lastly, Harry's energy seems to rub off on Jennifer and Keith, and we adore their chemistry. Has American Idol finally found the right judging dynamic? See for yourself in the promo below!

American Idol returns with a four-hour, two night premiere starting on Wed., Jan. 15. And based on what we've seen so far, we'll definitely be tuning in for Harry. How about you?

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