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Fifty Shades of Grey Shakeup: Six TV Stars Who Should Replace Charlie Hunnam

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50 Shades, Matt Bomer, White Collar Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries Joshua Bowman, Revenge Joseph Morgan, The Originals
50 Shades, Matt Bomer, White Collar Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries Joshua Bowman, Revenge Joseph Morgan, The Originals USA; CW; ABC

The handcuffs need a new pair of wrists!

Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the 50 Shades of Grey movie adaptation over the weekend, blaming his Sons of Anarchy schedule and the fact that he couldn't adequately prepare for the role. Well, no use crying over spilled candle wax. Time to recast!

Since 50 Shades' original Christian Grey was pulled from the small screen, we thought we'd offer up other TV stars who would be perfect in the role. Check out our top six picks for Hunnam's replacement:

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Matt Bomer: The White Collar star is an obvious choice because one, he's totally smoking hot. And two, fans were so devastated when he wasn't cast as Christian that petitions were written and Internet campaigns were launched. Now that Hunnam is out, Bomer, who can rock a nice suit like the best of them, can step in and pierce audiences everywhere with his blue eyes.

Ian Somerhalder: It was always rumored that he was a frontrunner for the role, and is there any other bad boy character on TV who is more fun to watch than Damon on The Vampire Diaries? Just one look at his smoldering gaze and you know that Somerhalder can handle those steamy scenes.

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Joshua Bowman: We know Revenge's British hottie can pull of the whole "I'm rich and really attractive and I look great wearing nice clothes", so that's one item off the checklist. And clearly chemistry with costars isn't a problem considering he managed to bag Emily VanCamp while playing her onscreen love.

Dylan McDermott: CBS' Hostages is headed toward certain cancellation, so McDermott will have an opening in his schedule real soon! Plus, we know he can handle bondage scenes after the first season of American Horror Story. Remember that gimp suit? Or did you block that out of your memory? Well, we bet it's back now.

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Stephen Amell: We just want to see the Arrow star scantily clad. Don't judge us.

Joseph Morgan: It's the battle of the CW vampires! We love Damon, but there is something about Klaus that drives us crazy…in the good way. Can't you just imagine Morgan all dressed up in a suit and seducing Anastasia with a few choice words?

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Your turn! Which small screen star are you dying to see step in and take over for Charlie Hunnam?

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