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Here at the Trend, we don't really need a reason to get excited about online shopping—it is one of our favorite pastimes, after all. 

But this week, plenty of new collections have us happily glued to our computer more so than usual!

For starters, remember that fab collection that H&M unveiled at Paris Fashion Week back in February? You know, the one that stars like Mary-Kate Olsen, Emma Roberts, Chloë Moretz and more turned out to get a glimpse of?

Well, it's finally available today, and totally shoppable online for a limited time before the Paris collection hits stores on September 5, thanks to the Swedish retailer's recently launched e-commerce site

We spotted Blake Lively wearing a couple of the pieces in her fashionable spread in the September issue of Lucky Magazine, so we're guessing the items in this tres chic collection won't last long!

Vanessa Hudgens, Florance Dress

OneDressADay.com, Instagram

If they do run out, however, we suggest you head over to One Dress A Day, our latest destination fueling our online shopping obsession. The best part? Since the site, which launched last week, only posts a single fabulous dress a day, we don't end up falling victim to a time warp, like we do at many of our other fave shopping sites. 

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens is also a fan. The brunette beauty recently shared an Instagram pic of herself rocking the site's Florence dress, which won't hit the site until September 1. Mark your calendars, ladies

Ivory+Mason's new Tropacana collection also got us buzzing this week. And while we can always head over to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where it's exclusively sold, those who don't live Los Angeles can always shop the brand's stylish sunglasses collection online.

And because we're all about getting our beauty fix online too, this week we'll also be clicking "buy" on Fresh's new light, ready-for-fall Life Eau de Parfum


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