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There are quite a few influencers under the roof of Trigger Media's New York office.

Of course, that's probably due to the fact that the company owns not one but two companies— and InsideHook—that keep people in-the-know about hotspots usually reserved for insiders.

Take, which gives any party-loving person the opportunity to host an event at coveted venues like Marquee and The Darby, while also taking care of the DJ, open bar and other nitty-gritty details that ensure guests will have a good time. 

Since the site's co-founders Carli Roth and Yvonne Najor are constantly exposed to stylish soirees, we just had to get them spill on what exactly goes into nonstop party planning, as well as what's on their radars. 

Here's what they told us.

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What is a typical day like for you?
Yvonne:  In the morning, I talk to people who are interested in throwing an event with us from birthdays to non-profit fundraisers. In the afternoon I pair hosts to the right venue. I love getting hosts excited about their event and getting them a space that fits what they are looking for. In the evening I usually have different groups of hosts over to the office for dinner and drinks. I show them how our platform works and then take them out to one of our events so they can see how it works from beginning to end, which can sometimes include six parties in a single night.

Carli:  Yvonne pretty much nailed it.  

Tell us about your office décor or creative inspiration.

Yvonne:  The inspiration evolved around creating an amazing culture for all of the employees using the space. The ping pong table gives us a chance to take a break and clear our heads. We have large windows that let in a lot of light. The kitchen is always stocked with food. It is an amazing place to work and forces people to not take themselves too seriously.

Carli:  The office is open format, which is a great way for the whole company to work together and collaborate throughout the day.  We have a cowbell that we ring when we hit a milestone or have exciting news to share.  Everything in the office is uplifting and positive, there's never negative energy in the air bringing people down.  We have a Buddha room filled with bean bags for people to go to for peace, or after a long night of events.

Describe your office style. What do you typically wear to work?
Carli:  Since our job entails a full workdays in the office, followed by a night out (four out of five days a week)—day-to-night outfits are key.  Sometimes it's skinnies with heels and a top, and others it's dresses, but the accessories are what make it for me.  I'm always wearing rings and bracelets. Yvonne and I live together and also have a closet dedicated to party dresses for extra flair.

Yvonne: I love throwing on a dress with a blazer or a leather jacket because I never know whether I will be going to 1 or 5 Host Committee events in a night. I can change into pumps or booties and be ready for a night out.

Where do you shop for work clothes?
Carli: Shopbop, Zara, Bloomingdales, Scoop and boutiques throughout the city.

Yvonne:  I don't have that much time to shop with my schedule, so I usually grab whatever I can find within close proximity to my apartment. Luckily I live in Nolita where there are a ton of great boutiques. There is a Maje store very close to me, which I frequent for staple items.

Inside Hook

Jennifer Cooper/E! Networks

Yvonne and Carli also share an office space with Steve Bryant and Danny Agnew who work at Trigger Media's InsideHook, a daily email newsletter that gives guys 35 years of age or older the scoop on fashion, food, travel and more. 

And true to their professional calling, the wordsmiths have created a work environment that the very men they write for would surely appreciate. 

Here's what executive editor Bryant and New York Editor Agnew had to say:  

Describe your work environment.
Steve: It's like being at a bar with all the regulars, only with more drinking.

Danny: It really is like a big family—tons of shouting, animated conversations, arguments, hugs. The occasional fistfight. Honestly though I can't stress enough the satisfaction of working with really smart, motivated people—it's never dull.

Tell us about your office décor or creative inspiration.

Steve: We have three plants, all of whom are named Robert.

Danny: It's a mishmash of stuff that I've collected over my time here—I'm sort of a closet hoarder. Pictures of cool tattoos, a chocolate Murakami eyeball that I refuse to eat, strangely like four pairs of sunglasses. A beer coozie from Whiskey Town in the East Village. My desk, much like my mind, sort of looks like that old junkyard in the movie Labyrinth.

Inside Hook

Jennifer Cooper/E! Networks

Describe your office style. What do you typically wear to work?
Steve: A year ago I decided I would always dress as if I just debarked from a seaplane. But then I only bought one straw trilby. I think you could say the status of this project is "incomplete."

Danny: Totally varies. Some days I'm in a three-piece, others a cutoff tee with a picture of Lil Debbie on it. Depending on the length of the previous evening, I am occasionally known to wear sunglasses indoors. 

Where do you shop for work clothes?
Steve: My twin pole stars are J. Crew and Scotch & Soda. But I'm not the fashion plate, that's Danny. I'm more like the fashion garnish.

Danny: I get suits made at Sebastien Grey because those guys are super cool and don't take you to the cleaners just to look good. Also wear a lot of Goodlife, solid comfy basics. I think I have their tanktop in every single color.

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What are your favorite brands of accessories?
Steve: Billykirk bags. I always dress up to fly, and they're the perfect carry-on. Also a big fan of Hill-Side ties. And Alexander Olch. And Hook and Albert socks.

Danny: I too am a whore for Olch ties. Love Barker Black shoes, perfect combo of Brit heritage and downtown NYC bad-assery. Also—they do a new collection once a month and the stuff is always killer. I haven't taken their woven belt off since I got it.

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