Happy 27th Birthday, Amanda Bynes! Actress Displays "Bizarre" Behavior, Acts Like "Bag Lady" in NYC

    Amanda Bynes Courtesy: Danielle Berman

    Happy birthday, Amanda Bynes!

    The unpredictable actress, who turns 27 today, has been out and about in NYC this week, but she hasn't exactly been celebrating in traditional B-day style.

    According to 27-year-old eyewitness Danielle Berman, Bynes has been exhibiting some "bizarre" behavior.

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    Two days ago, Berman saw Bynes wandering through bodegas near Madison Square Garden. Berman says she looked up and spotted a red-haired "crazy-looking person" (Bynes) wearing a wig while shopping for pipes in a store.

    "It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen," Berman tells E! News exclusively. "She had this shoulder-length mousy wig and then all the hair was hanging out underneath. It was bizarre. She looked like a homeless person...she looked a hot mess."

    Amanda Bynes Courtesy: Danielle Berman

    Bynes left the pipe store and then wandered into the street. "She was crossing into traffic, wasn't waiting for any of the lights to change and a cab almost hit her twice," Berman explained.

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    Berman, a fan of the cheek-pierced starlet, says it was unfortunate to see Bynes in that state.

    "She looked like a bag lady," she said. "It's not a good area over there. Cops were looking at her like, ‘Who is this person?'"

    "I felt bad," Berman continued. "She is my age. I grew up watching The Amanda Show and I always thought she was the one that was going to turn out normal, and clearly she is not. It was really depressing to see her like that."

    Amanda Bynes Christopher Peterson/Splash News

    Bynes was also spotted out today, hitting Wells Fargo bank wearing flip flops, sweat pants and a big black jacket with fur hood. Interesting birthday suit, for sure!

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