Ashley Judd's Senate Run: Doesn't Have My Support...Yet, Says Director of New Movie

    Olympia Has Fallen, Ashley Judd Courtesy of Millennium Films

    Ashley Judd has never been shy about her politics.

    As you may have heard, the actress is reportedly thinking about running for the U.S. Senate from her homestate of Kentucky. But she apparently kept politics at home when she went to work on her new movie, Olympus Has Fallen (in theaters on Friday).

    "I never talked to her about politics," the film's director Antoine Fuqua tells me. "We didn't get into that."

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    Olympia Has Fallen, Ashley Judd Courtesy of Millennium Films

    Fuqua said he's not sure if he'd support Judd's candidacy. "I'd have to talk to her about that," he said. "I'd have to do more homework on that one."

    Funny enough, Judd plays the first lady in Olympus, an action thriller about a terrorist who captures the White House and kidnaps the president (Aaron Eckhart). "I was thinking who the first lady would be and I wanted it to be somebody who has name value, someone who could act, have a little charm and have a little of that Southern way about her and I thought Ashley," Fuqua said.

    Gerard Butler plays a former presidential guard who must rescue the president. Morgan Freeman is the vice president.

    Fuqua thinks such an attack can happen in real life. "I do believe it could happen," he said. "I believe that with the right group of extremists with the proper motivation, and willing to die for inside information about how we work and what we have in place, that they can prepare for any battle."

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