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Nothing like a little hot, tropical sun to ensure more shots of Sean Lowe's abs! Or, you know, a super romantic marriage proposal, as the case may be.

Sources tell us the next episode of The Bachelor, which takes places in Si Kao, Thailand, will be ripe with drama, as Sean narrows down his harem of adoring women from three (Catherine, AshLee and Lindsay) to two.

So who gets ousted? We won't spoil all the fun, but here are two fun (slightly spoilery) facts you must know:

1. The woman who gets cut in Monday's episode, before meeting Sean's family, will not take it lightly. In fact, she will leave the show in a flurry of tears, without even speaking to Sean before she goes. "It's one of the most heart-wrenching goodbyes ever on the show" says our source. "She is downright devastated and it's impossible not to feel for her."

2. AshLee will struggle the most with her dream date, which requires her to swim through a pitch-black cave. (We all know how much emotional angst she endured jumping into that cold lake earlier this season.) And when Sean invites AshLee to the fantasy suite (aka Makeout City—check your dignity at the door!), we are told by ABC that she "draws a moral line in the sand." Naturally, her pastor father will be pleased, but how will that affect her chances of sticking around? Hmmm...

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For the record, our money is on AshLee to be sent packing this week, and for Catherine to take it all home. AshLee has quite simply laid it on too thick, tossing around the L-word like a giddy schoolgirl maniacally writing on her Trapper Keeper (enough already!), and providing us with the most awkward moments in last week's episode. AshLee's dad, we so feel for you! She's also the only woman we can see becoming  "downright devastated" from Sean's rejection. The poor girl has put it all out on the line for him.

Catherine, on the other hand, has proven the most independent, mysterious and (thanks to her sisters' oversharing) hard to catch. She's also a ridiculously good time, if the montages we've seen of the two laughing together are any indication. And you can bet your sweet-smelling candles and light dimmers that Catherine will most assuredly accept Sean's invitation to the fantasy suite. From where we're sitting, all signs point to Catherine as the winner. Agreed?

What we know for sure: Sean does propose in Thailand during the show's finale. And, he is rumored to be planning a wedding. Of course, the chances of him actually tying the knot, given the show's ridiculous track record, are slim to none. But we'll still be watching!

Who do you think will win?

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