Ali Fedotowsky's Bachelor Blog: Hometown Dates and the Next Bachelorette Prediction

Former Bachelorette gives us her exclusive insider's take on last night's episode

By Ali Fedotowsky Feb 19, 2013 6:45 PMTags
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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelor, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets. Check back every Tuesday!

Things got real tonight. Not only did we hear the "L" word multiple times, but Sean visited the hometowns. In my opinion, the hometown dates are when it stops being "a fun experience" and starts getting really emotional. It's not just a dating show anymore. When you involve families, it becomes extremely real.

I couldn't help but laugh when Sean met AshLee's parents. She was making him so uncomfortable by talking about their love life in front of her parents. The look on his face was comical. I still get awkward when a sexual movie scene comes on if I'm with my parents. I can only imagine how Sean felt talking about such personal details with her parents, who he had just met! AshLee's dad was great, though. He seemed to understand the situation. He was open to it and very level-headed. You can tell from his few minutes on screen that he's a good man. And I honestly lost it when he told the story about seeing AshLee for the first time and falling in love. I was in tears. A father's love for his daughter is beautiful. I agree with her dad that the man she ends up marrying should love her like that. That goes for every one of us. We saw true love tonight and that is really inspirational.

Next up, Catherine and the fish toss. (That's a good band name; feel free to take it!  Ha.) Honestly though, I want to catch a fish! I might have to start with something smaller though. Like a goldfish...cracker. The date was great! It seemed so natural. I don't think I've seen Sean that at ease with any of the other girls. Hangin' in the market, dancing, taking pictures in the photo booth. He was loose and he seemed happy. They obviously have fun together, but I hope it's more than just a good friendship. They're really cute together regardless.

Moving on to her family, Catherine's sisters are awesome. They remind me of my sister. Very protective. They were harsh, but they need to be. Catherine's been living a very surreal life for a while now, and it's their job to make sure she's thinking clearly. I've said this before, but I don't think most people go on this show expecting to find love. They want to have fun, and if that leads to true love, that's an added bonus. When Catherine's sisters said goodbye, she just wanted to have a fun adventure. Now she's back and she's all serious. Their concern was shocking to Catherine, but I totally get it. I see it from both sides. You start the show not expecting love, you're very surprised if you find it—it's a tricky dynamic. You're a different person when you return home to your family. They seemed skeptical of this relationship, but I don't think Sean will let that keep him from choosing Catherine in the end.  And I think he will, based on the final three girls after last night's rose ceremony.

Was it obvious to you that Sean was more into Catherine than Lindsay? The fact that those two dates were back-to-back made it pretty clear to me. With the exception of the adorable "army training," that seemed like a pretty standard date to me. Nothing special. Lindsay's dad was so uncomfortable seeing Sean put his hand on his daughter's leg. Sean had to be terrified meeting him. I would have been! He was a really sweet guy though. In the end, I still think it was the most emotion-less of all the dates.

I wish I had more to say about this date, but I don't. I like Lindsay a lot. I think she is a sweet and down-to-earth girl, but based on tonight I don't see her with Sean. If I am wrong, I'm sorry. That's just my opinion after tonight.

Now on to the shocker of the night—Desiree. Before we get into the fact that she went home, let talk about their date. I'm pretty sure that when Desiree and Sean met up in Hollywood, they were hiking Runyon Canyon. I used to live at the foot of that hill. I've gone on a couple romantic hikes there myself. Good choice, Desiree! I'm actually really happy to see that she and I live in the same city. I'd be happy to hike with you at some point, Des! Side note: hopping in the car and cruising down Mulholland Drive is even more romantic. Such beautiful views. 

The prank that she pulled was pretty funny. I really like that she got him back. Thatta girl! And it was a pretty good test to get a reaction from Sean. He seemed pretty fired up, which equal passion. I wish we could've seen more of his interaction with Desiree's parents and less of her brother's drama. I really felt bad for both of them that her brother's reaction was so inappropriate. There is a big difference between being protective and being flat-out rude. He didn't even give Sean a chance and he really ruined the night for everyone. Their hometown date had to leave him with a bad taste in his mouth, and that's the exact opposite of how it's supposed to go. I'm sad for her. 

But regardless of her brother, if Sean really loved her then that shouldn't matter. Yes, family is so important, but if your family can't be reasonable and choose to accept a good man that loves you, then what can she really do?

In the end we know that Sean sent Desiree home. Based on this I predict two things:

  1. Desiree will be the next Bachelorette.
  2. Catherine will end up with Sean. Based on the three girls left, she is the only one who I really see Sean connecting with.

That said, the great thing about this show is it always surprises us. I could be totally wrong and I can't wait to watch next week! Regardless of who Sean picks, he is going to end up with a great girl. I think all the remaining ladies are class acts. Good luck, Sean!

Time for questions from my Twitter followers:

Tracy asks @AliFedotowsky @eonline how long are the girls home before the crew gets there?? Are they quarantined inside?
What you see on the show is exactly how it plays out. The girls see their families for the first time when they bring Sean home. It's an extremely emotional moment for everyone. And when the Bachelor leaves, the girls leave. It isn't a super long visit with the families, but it isn't about the quantity of time, it's about the quality.

Lynsie (@lynsiemills) asks @AliFedotowsky do the girls get to talk to their families and friends at all while filming?!
Throughout the show the girls don't get to talk to their families. Like I said above, when they bring Sean home, it is the first time they have seen or even spoken to their families. It is such an important time in the show. I know that getting my family's opinion was so important to me.

Morgan (@morganturnquis1) asks @AliFedotowsky @eonline how much time do u actually get off camera?
Not much. Basically once the dates are over you go home and pass out because you are so tired from being on a date all day. Then you wake up in the morning, shower, eat, and get right back on camera. It's exhausting! I can say that my 10 weeks as the Bachelorette were the most exhausting weeks of my life! It's not easy dating 25 people at once!

I don't know about you guys, but in my mind Catherine is it. But, I've been wrong before so I am really excited to see how all of this plays out. Follow me at @alifedotowsky on twitter because I live tweet each week and answer my followers questions in my blog every week. Next week I could answer yours so keep them coming!

Until next time…

 xo, Ali