Ryan Seacrest is pretty much the busiest guy ever, but he still found time to drop by The Ellen DeGeneres show to catch up.

On Thursday's episode, the American Idol host even talked about his and Julianne Hough's future marriage plans—kinda.

"When are you getting married?" Ellen asked.

"Good question," Ryan said. "At the perfect time, and she will be the first to know."

He then reassured Ellen she'd be "the second person" to know when he put a ring on it.

"She's such an athlete," Ryan gushed of his future fiancée.  "I'm afraid sometimes to do stuff with her because I know I'm going to get injured."

And while Ryan has many talents, he can't quite keep up with his girlfriend on the dance floor. But, hey, that doesn't mean he doesn't try!

"I was really impressed by all your moves," Ellen said with a smile, recounting a recent party with the couple. "You were really dancing." She then reassured him that it's "a good thing that there aren't" photos or videos of Ryan breaking it down.

We'd want to see that! We also want to see how this season of American Idol pans out.

"I have no idea what it's going to be like when we go live which is sort of the exciting part of that," Ryan said, admitting that while there was "tension" between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, he thinks "now they're good."

"I think that they're both trying to make for a great show and find great talent on the show," he added. "So there will be moments that I'm sure we cannot predict."

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