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    Ariel Winter Doctor: "Never Been Any Evidence of Abusive Relationship" Involving Modern Family Star

    Ariel Winter, Mom, Chris Workman Mr Photoman / Splash News

    Ariel Winter's doctor is offering a prescription to remedy her family drama.

    E! News has obtained a declaration from a physician who treated the Modern Family star refuting allegations that Winter's mother Chrisoula Workman physically abused her.

    Those accusations are now at the center of an ongoing legal battle between Winter's mother and sister Shanelle Gray over guardianship of the 14-year-old after Winter was removed from her mother's care.

    View the doctor's declaration

    In the court document, the physician writes:

    "Ariel 'Winter' Workman has been a patient of ours since 1998. Her mother has always been conscientious in bringing Ariel to her appointments. Ariel has suffered from recurrent sinus infections, as well as allergies. There has never been any evidence of an abusive relationship in regards to Ariel."

    Winter's mother has adamantly defended herself against the abuse allegations.

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    In a statement to E! News Thursday, Workman said, "I love my daughter very much. I would never abuse her in any way and I have always tried my best to always protect her and do what is right for her."

    Workman also added, "My daughter is in a business that requires you to grow up fast. It's hard enough being a teenage girl, but it's even harder when you are in the public eye. However, because you are in the public eye, it doesn't mean you are no longer in need of good parenting."

    Winter's sister is seeking permanent guardianship over the star.

    A hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 20.

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