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Democratic Convention: Top Five Possible Memes (Kinda Like Eastwooding!)

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Sasha Obama, Lindsay Lohan, Kal Penn, Carina Castro, Barak Obama
Sasha Obama, Lindsay Lohan, Kal Penn, Carina Castro, Barak Obama Chip Somodevilla, Alex Wong/Getty Images; David Crotty/ USA

The Democratic National Convention has officially ended. The politicians have returned to D.C. (or whatever constituency they might hail from), the stars have returned to their Hollywood stomping grounds and the Internet, well, it still haven't quite settled on which meme will be remembered...forever.

Whereas the RNC (that'd be the Republicans) had Eastwooding—inspired by Clint Eastwood's speech to an imaginary Obama (i.e. a chair)—the jury is still out on the DNC's lasting meme-worthy moments. So we rounded up the top five to let you pick:

1. #SexyFacing: This one's almost too easy. Heck, it was already a trending topic, after all. But the Kal Penn-created hashtag to discuss his DNC speech could surely continue on through the rest of the election, with certain politico types earning the #SexyFace title while others, well, don't. Go try it out on your own Twitter feed and tell us how it feels. Feels good, right?

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2. Sasha Fiercing: The Sasha in question here isn't Beyoncé's alter ego, but Barack Obama's youngest daughter, 11-year-old Sasha Obama. She's equally as fierce though, inspiring the above GIF that has been dubbed "Sassy Sasha." Think of it this way: The DNC was to Sasha Fierce like the Olympics were to the ever-unimpressed Makayla Maroney.

3. Castro Chic-ing: San Antonio mayor Julian Castro might have wowed with his DNC speech, but a pint-size powerhouse with some truly amazing locks stole the show: His 3-year-old daughter, Carina. The tot was caught on camera flippin' her hair, and it quickly went viral based on its sheer fabulosity, even inspiring a prestigious remix to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair," naturally.

President Barack Obama, Lindsay Lohan, Twitter Twitter

4. Trollhaning: That's "trolling" + Lindsay Lohan. While LiLo was not in attendance at the convention, she did get in on the action, tweeting the POTUS about all those poor Forbes millionaires who need a tax cut. We could totally see tweets like this becoming the new "Texts to Hilary Clinton," with sassy @replies back from a faux Obama. Like, in this case: @LindsayLohan *eye roll*

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Michelle Obama, Letterman, Top 10 Worldwide Pants Inc./CBS

5. First Familying: This one might be more of a real-life meme than anything you'd finding while Tumblring. And it would basically just involve being all sorts of awesome. Because between Michelle Obama's barnburner of a speech (not to mention her flaw-free FLOTUS fashion) and her husband's awe-inducing appearance, we think there is nothing the Obamas can't do. And we want in on that.

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P.S.: Commenters, let's keep it cute or put it on mute. If we've learned one thing from both the RNC and DNC, it's that you can discuss politics with class. So let's all do that. See you at the polls!

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