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American Idol Shakeup: Is Randy Jackson Also Leaving?

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Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson Michael Becker / FOX

Jennifer Lopez has left the American Idol building and so has Steven Tyler.

So now the big question is, will Randy Jackson stay or go?

Here's what we know:

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Sources confirm that producers have spoken to Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert about becoming judges. The three, one source said, "are at the top of their list." Katy Perry, Nicky Minaj and Fergie are some of the other names that have been floating around too.

Where does that leave Jackson? He's still in the mix. No final decision has been made by him or Fox.

A source tells E! News that Jackson has been thinking for "a while now" that it may be time to say goodbye.

"He's been there for 11 years," the source said. "That's a long time."

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Jackson may not be up for going through another shakeup. "They got lucky that he had such great chemistry with Jennifer and Steven," the source said. "Who knows if that could ever happen again?"

Besides, he may not want "to be the last man standing."

The source also pointed out that Jackson isn't completely opposed to the idea of returning. "If they offer him the right deal, who knows?" the insider said. "Everything is such an unknown right now, anything is possible."

Sources also insist that changes to the show won't be finalized until it has signed deals with the judges.

—Additional reporting by Ken Baker, Melanie Bromley and Kristin Dos Santos

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