Alexander Skarsgard

Sales of Calvin Klein's Encounter men's fragrance are ready to shoot up.

As we first told you earlier this week, Alexander Skarsgård landed a gig for the fashion house's fragrance line.

Well, CK just released part of the campaign—and the True Blood star isn't alone…

Mr. Skarsgård, 35, is joined in a moody blue-hued print ad by Dutch model Lara Stone. Skarsgard's full face is shown in the ad and off to the side he and Stone are in profile, with the Battleship star gently touching the 28-year-old beautys cheek and bottom lip.

And to set the mood even more, there's an image of ocean waves below them.

Call us crazy, but it definitely has a vampire vibe going on.

"The idea for their concept was very intriguing to me—it was almost like a short film and very film noir," Skarsgård told WWD. "It felt interesting to me. I wanted to be involved with something where you tell a story—even though it's a short story."

A television ad for the campaign will follow.

Cannot wait!

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