Lindsay Lohan, Blake Lively

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Dear Ted:
I am totally with you in thinking Blake Lively could pull off the Grace Kelly role! I really think she is getting better as an actress and is choosing better roles. And as for everyone hating on her, who cares what she does behind closed doors?! Also this Billy Bend-Over Blind Vice is killing me, so I must know: Is he Armie Hammer?

Dear Nice Guys Finish Last:
Finally, someone who's seen the Lively light. Not only would the Gossip Girl look flawless filling Grace's swanky shoes, but it's exactly what goes on behind those closed doors you speak of that would let B.L. get into that princess mindset. As for Billy, he's a little rougher around the edges than Mr. Hammer.

Dear Ted:
I just can't with Lindsay Lohan anymore, Teddy. Who is she kidding?! Team LiLo claims she's totally clean and a new gal, but she can't even get through a minor guest stint on Glee without stirring up all sorts of drama. How is she ever going to get through production on a feature where I'm sure she'll be in every scene? Do you think Liz & Dick will ever actually come out?

Dear Better Late Than Never:
Hmm. It's a good question, P, and a valid concern. If people were complaining that she was a "nightmare" during a simple daylong shoot, then what is that poor crew going to have to endure for months on end? If the movie never comes out, Lifetime can just make a movie about making the movie, right?! And that may be all the more juicy.

Dear Ted:
Is Coco Crack-Head either Naya Rivera or Heather Morris? You said this person is on the boob tube, and Heather and Naya both got extremely skinny. Although these two dance around all day, something doesn't seem right. Heather does have a wild side.
Anonymous Gleek

Dear Good Girl Gone Glee:
Not a bad guess, babe, but you haven't fingered our pizzeria enthusiast. As for the Glee chickies, Heather (and her penchant for cell phone photography) may have made more headlines lately, but she's hardly the wildest of the bunch. Heather hasn't even scored a moniker yet—Naya can't say the same.

Dear Ted:
Question about Queen Djibouti. You've said she's a girl who likes boys who like boys and girls. So I'm wondering now, is she also a girl who likes boys...and girls, herself? Or was she ever? My rescue cat, Tom, says hi.
—Love, Mike

Dear Regally Bland:
Well, since Tommy asked so nicely: No, Queen is strictly hetero…she just seems to have a preference for dudes who are much more fluid with their sexuality. That said, the Queen is very open-minded, so I would not count anything out. Kisses to your kitty!

Dear Ted:
Okay, I love The Voice mainly just to watch Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. We all know Adam dabbles in Vice-like behavior, but what about Blake? Is he working towards his own B.V.?

Dear Blind Bromance:
Blake certainly has a few secrets hidden in that cowboy hat of his, but he hasn't made as splashy a presence in the world of Vices as Adam has. The twosome has totally different Vicey styles, though.

Dear Ted:
Does Rihanna or Chris Brown have any Vices?

Dear Cake Cake Cake:
He does, she doesn't. But with all those controversial tweets (if you haven't heard, Ri-Ri is "faded" and doesn't give a "ph--k") and strip club Instagrams (make it rain!), she certainly seems to want to change that, eh?

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