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Feud Alert! Judd Apatow and Howard Stern Spar Over America's Got Talent

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Judd Apatow, Howard stern
Judd Apatow, Howard stern Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/

Judd Apatow has had enough of Howard Stern's cross-promotion.

Stern has been filling his airwaves with talk about his America's Got Talent judging gig on his Sirius XM radio show, and the Girls producer is so tired of hearing about it that he slammed his fellow funnyman on Twitter.

"I hate to say it but I don't have much interest in discussions about america's got talent," Apatow wrote last week. "I tried. It is just too much synergy. @sternshow"

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Stern fired back at Apatow on air, saying sarcastically, "I only spend half my life there. I won't talk about it.

"Hey man, do I talk about that last s--tty film you made?" he added. "I keep it to myself…If you're not down with it, get the f--k off my channel."

Naturally, Apatow took to Twitter to defend his comments.

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"All Of Our work is debated. That is part of it," he wrote. "I don't get a free pass [and neither] does he. My comment was not even interesting.

"It gets blown out of proportion by the press who has nothing to write about and Howard who has time to fill," Apatow further mused. "We all Like Certain Parts."

According to a message on the Stern show's official Twitter page, however, everything has been smoothed over.

"Howard says the war is over w/@JuddApatow," because the filmmaker tweeted, "I will love the show always. It was a pretty mild tweet."


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