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Sure, Hollywood may be magical around the holidays (what with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin taking over Times Square and whatever Christmas/Hannukah/etc. movie you claim as your fave), but we think Tinseltown is pretty fabulous all year round.

Which is why we're counting down 99 of the reasons we think it's so grand. Like yesterday's batch that featured oh-so-humble and sexy Bradley Cooper, the (mucho-welcomed) invasion of the Royals and Taylor Swift's endless adorableness.

So buckle up and brace yourself for nine more reasons we're still madly in love with Hollywood:

72. Jessica Simpson When the reality of just how double-standard America can be about naturally curvy women became crystal clear with Jessica Simpson's fuller figure, who got defensive and bitchy? Not Jessica. And that's why we love her—and her fabulous shoe collection. Jess simply stated that she's "happier" not "starving" herself to a size subzero. And good for her! Why don't more women follow Jessica's brave lead? Huh? We'd really like to know.

71. Remakes that Don't Suck. That means The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, of course! Complete with nipple-pierced star Rooney Mara who, if we may be so bold as to say—is the new Kristen Stewart Girl's got ovaries for days! Just like the movie! Have you seen it? Slap yourself daily until you do—it's an absolute must-see.

Paula Abdul, Jane Lynch

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

70. Escapism Via Mobile Games. So they may not exactly be Hollywood in the truest sense, but the stars seem to be enjoying these addictive little games as much as we are (ya know, except when an innocent round of Words With Friends gets Alec Baldwin booted from a flight). Our mindless game of choice? Angry Birds, of course.

69. Jane Lynch Does the Emmys Right. The Glee star ditched her day gig and was much hyped as the first openly gay host of the Emmys. And she was amazing, of course. We'd expect nothing less of the hilarious, mucho-talented lady (who also is a staunch animal advocate, much like Betty White as if she couldn't get any better). Here's hoping the Oscars catch on in 2013. After all, Jane's not only been in tons of movies, but the Academy Awards just need to get on board already and realize that a predominantly gay town has made the movies what they are since their inception. Meaning: Time for more out gay hosts, ASAP!

68. Revenge. Finally! A prime-time series so soap-tastically delicious that we can't turn away, not that we'd want to. Mystery? Check. Backstabbing? Double check. Hot people gettin' it on? Duh. And with former Everwood girlie Emily VanCamp hitting the Hamptons to ruin some rich folks' lives, well, bad never looked so damn gorgeous.

67. @Rihanna. Of all the celebs who've taken to Twitter, our favorite has to be pop star Rihanna. Some pop stars only use their accounts to pimp their latest single on iTunes or don't tweet at all (looking at you, Beyoncé), but Ri isn't afraid to let the world know through her @replies that she parties. A lot. And we love her for it. We also kinda love the fact that she's not afraid to go off on someone who tweets crap at her.

Demi Lovato

Rodrigo Varela/WireImage

66. Demi Lovato Gets Her Groove Back. We love Demi's new bod, ‘tude and post-rehab transformation. After dealing with an eating disorder, depression and cutting (all very real issues for young girls), Demi got real herself and shared her experience in hopes of helping others. Talk about a positive outlook—Demi is inspiring young women everywhere and standing up to all her haters. Her take-it-or-leave-it ‘tude totally rocks—this is the new and improved Demi who doesn't give a crap what everyone else thinks.

65. Word Series Underdogs Win. The St. Louis Cardinals surprised quite a few people (ourselves included) when they won the World Series this year—for those seriously not in the know, that's like the Super Bowl of baseball. We love it when the underdogs come out on top, though. And celeb St. Louis fans like Jon Hamm and The Office's Jenna Fischer were probably equally thrilled.

64. Glam Is Back. From Victoria Beckham to Jessica Simpson to the surprisingly fashion-forward Olsen sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley—not to mention stylist Rachel Zoe—refreshingly large numbers of stars are turning out distinctively creative designs that not only make money, but look pretty damn good too. It's something Elizabeth Taylor was doing ages ago, from jewelry collecting (and designing) to creating perfume, as well as her own frocks. And look how many millions that got her!

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