Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch, SAG Arrivals

Age: 57; July 14, 1960

Thanks to Jane Lynch's award-winning performance in Glee, the character of Sue Sylvester is well-known. With her ruthless (but memorable) one-liners and schemes, it sure makes you glad that you aren't a Cheerio, Will Shuester, or actually any character on Glee for that matter.  

Before Lynch made tormenting Glee members her day job, she was mostly known for her supporting roles in Two and a Half Men, Role Models, and the improv-heavy comedies of Christopher Guest. She was a face you recognized, but a name you might not have known. That's no longer the case! Lynch's breakout performance in Glee had critics raving and the audience wanting more Sue Sylvester zingers. Jane went on to win an Emmy, Golden Globe and other awards for her outstanding performance. Her humor must have also translated off-screen, because in 2011 she was chosen to host the Emmys, which isn't an easy gig, and received fairly positive reviews.

In 2010, Lynch married psychologist, Lara Embry, who has two children from a previous relationship. Jane and her Glee co-star, Chris Colfer, who is also openly gay, have been strong advocates for gay rights, specifically opposing Prop 8 in California. In 2012, Jane, Brad Pitt, and other celebrities starred in the theatrical production, 8, which highlighted the federal trial that overturned Prop 8 and donated all proceeds to the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

With so many acting jobs, it's hard to believe that Lynch also managed to write a memoir, Happy Accidents, that chronicles her life including her addiction to alcohol, struggle with sexuality and how she ended up where she is today.

Unfortunately, Lynch and her longtime partner couldn't make their marriage last. Jane filed for divorce July 12, 2013 citing irreconcilable differences. The news came one day after her game show Hollywood Game Night premiered on NBC.

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