The world is full of problems—war, famine, drought, poverty, fellow celebrities stealing Sean Penn's brown bag lunch. The injustices just don't stop!

Enter the Clinton Foundation's Celebrity Division, which has come up with some, uh, creative, actionable initiatives to stop the global inequities…or at least the one about Penn's missing sandwiches.

The hilarious video, first shown Saturday night at the Decade of Difference concert honoring President Bill Clinton's charitable works, was released this morning on Presumably because the ideas Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Jack Black, Ted Danson and Kevin Spacey float around on totally inappropriate softball league mascots, how to ban breathing, and, of course, the importance of theme songs, aren't the kind of gems that should be kept from the public.

Of course, the biggest laugh is saved for the big man himself—but we won't spoil it for you. Check out the clip, and sit tight—the payoff is worth it.

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