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Is there anyone out there not excited about the possibility of Joe Manganiello going full frontal in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh male stripper flick Magic Mike?

Yep! And it's one of Manganiello's True Blood costars.

So who's the person saying no thanks to seeing Joe drop trou?

"I often hear that it's not fair that women do it but men don't do it," Kristin Bauer told us last night at the Pacific Design Center's Second Annual Patterns for Paws event benefiting the Amanda Foundation in L.A.

"I'm a portrait painter," she explained. "I paint nude women—I've been doing that forever. And I kind of don't need to see any men full frontal that aren't my husband, to be honest. There's a difference in the anatomy, and I think women full frontal is a little more artistic."

We beg to differ.

—Reporting by Meagan Medick

Do you agree with Bauer or are you excited for Manganiello to flash his manhood? Sound off below.

VIDEO: Joe Manganiello on Chelsea Lately

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