Kate Middleton, Vivienne Westwood

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Vivienne Westwood vs. Kate Middleton: It's fashion royalty taking on bona fide royalty—and already two black eyes are involved.

But they're not the kind of bruisers that you think.

The quirky British fashion designer recently called out Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, on her heavy use of eyeliner.

"I think she's got a problem with eye makeup!" Westwood told The Sunday Times Magazine, as reported by the Telegraph.
And that's not all...

"The sharp line around her eyes make her look hard," the designer, who counts A-listers Helena Bonham Carter, Marisa Tomei and Jennifer Aniston as fans, explains. "Either she should be smudgy or wear none."

Westwood isn't impressed by Kate's fashion choices, either, which are intensely scrutinized and almost universally praised.

"Let me put it this way. It seems to me that her image is 'ordinary woman.' Therefore, high street shopper," the 70-year-old couturier continues. "And I just think she should be an extraordinary woman, wherever she gets her clothes from."

Now that's pretty constructive criticism, if we're honest.

Westwood isn't the only person who isn't a fan of Kate's heavy kohl addiction.

E!'s Fashion Police host George Kotsiopoulous weighed in on Mrs. Prince William's do-it-yourself wedding day beauty: "She looks absolutely beautiful, but less or no liner under her eye would have given a much cleaner look."

And Red Carpet Fashion Awards chimed in recently in an open letter to the royal, "You're heavy-handed. That blush! That eyeliner! The horror! (Shame no one has the heart—or balls—to tell you.)"

So what do you think of her royal highness' beauty? As the second-newest member of the modern monarchy, it's refreshing that Kate does her own makeup, but she could easily splurge on a makeup artist—or at least a few classes with the pros—if she wanted to.

But should she? Weigh in below!

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