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Jerseylicious is back—and nastier than ever.

The drama between Gatsby salon stylist Tracy DiMarco and Olivia Blois Sharpe has gotten downright ugly.

"Our relationship is worse than it ever has been," DiMarco tells us about the third season of the Style Network series, premiereing tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

That's putting it lightly! In fact...

We would so not be surprised to hear one day that the two gals acutally have a real physical fight, as in weave hair pulling and fists flying. "Our producers are always like, 'Tracy, Olivia, we use our words, not our fists,' " DiMarco says. "So nothing can ever be guaranteed... But if she pushes me the wrong way I will knock her through a window."

No surprise, but a lot of the bickering has to do with—what else?—a guy.

"[Olivia's] officially dating my ex-boyfriend at this point," DiMarco says. "I think they're the perfect couple because they're both f--ked up in the head."

She continues: "[Olivias]'s constantly being really spiteful and vindictive and revengeful and I think that her true colors are going to come out this season. Everyone thinks she's like the sweet innocent one that I pick on but the reality of it is she's a miserable bitch."

Sharpe, however, thinks DiMarco needs to let it go already.

"I'm dating an ex-boyfriend that she dated when she was 18 years old and she's now almost 24," Sharpe tells us. "For her to really hold onto that is a little psychotic. And I was never friends with her so I didn't have loyalty to her."

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