Armie Hammer

Ben Watts/GQ

We'll admit it—we're always looking for a reason to run a photo of Armie Hammer.

And what better time than now? The Social Network star (he played twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss) shines in a new GQ fashion spread.

Funny enough, his strapping good looks haven't always been a good thing..

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"I've lost out on jobs because I'm six foot five," the 24-year-old actor tells the magazine.

He admits his name has also created some problems. Kids would tease him with the nickname, "Baking Soda Boy." But that eventually stopped. "I punched a kid in the face," he said. "I took it for two years!"

As for nowadays, you can cool it with the Winklevoss jokes. "People on the street yell at me, 'Where's your twin?'" he said. "It's funny the first time."

Imagine what they'll be yelling after seeing him play love interest to Leonardo DiCaprio in the upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed film about late FBI boss man J. Edgar Hoover.

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