Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Kody Brown, Sister Wives, Ice T, Coco

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Can't you tell All Hallow's Eve is approaching? The goblins are escaping the Betty Ford center (at least temporarily), the witches are snatching up your fave Hollywood hunks and vampires are, well, they're still being sexy as ever.

Oh yeah, and the spooky sexy lives of some of T-town's most talked about stars are still making our skin crawl. You voted on ‘em, and now here they are: the final four coitus-disgustingus couples in our Spooky Sex Life competition.

But which gruesome twosome (or, uh, fivesome as the case may be) keeps you awake at night? Vote now, if you dare:

John Travolta and Kelly Preston: We aren't the only ones who think this twosome's sex life is Saturday Night Nauseating. Look who's talking: jasmolak says, "Travolta. Between the hair and the Scientology and the rumors, as Ted says, if half of it is true, well, it's a little creepy." Other commenters chimed in: "Travolta. Hands and pants down," and "Travolta is revolta."

Ice-T and Coco: Coco may have curves for days, and Ice-T may have the "stroke" (barf), but no one seems to want to see these two get down like...well, themselves. Pimp style quips: "coco and ice-t are disgusting really...he acts like her pimp and she's the classic stupid blonde...girl don't even know how to coordinate a sentence and hyperventilates after speaking 10 words."

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives: It's the biggest reality show sweeping the air waves right now...and the grossest reality coupling we can think of (yes, including the Jersey Shore gang). "As accepting as I am about alternative lifestyles, that lot gives me the willies! Also...would it kill someone in that group to be attractive? Why is it that all the people you see engage in this stuff aren't people you WANT to see engage in this stuff?" Damn it, Janet, you're right!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Sure, the divalicious broad and her boyish husband have a baby on the way, but that doesn't make their bedroom behavior any less painful and awful to think about. One commenter kept it short and simple, and we think said it best: "Mariah & Nick are the most gagtastic."

The winner—or loser, as it may be—will be announced Friday!

Spooky Celebrity Sex Life, Final Round:
Which celeb couple┐s sex life scares you the most?
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Come back Friday to see which couple has the spookiest sex life!
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