Lady Gaga, Luc Carl


Sometimes, even if a star couple has broken up, we still can't get rid of the PDA images that have been burned into our minds. Criss-crossed tongues, pores exchanging beads of sweat, sticky bodies covered with suntan lotion and other romantic fluids...yeeeesh.

You know the worst offenders: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Jude Law and Sienna Miller, Jon Gosselin and...well, everyone he's dated. And of course, there's one couple we can't name, since they're still banned—and they're the worst them all! But we don't want to give away all of these gross, overly affectionate offenders just yet.

That's why we've put together a little gallery for ya with some of our least favorite celeb couples from past and present, demonstrating very public displays of affection that we think should be changed to private displays of not touching each other. At all.


So check out our Put Away the PDA gallery!


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