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Is Lost's Latest Casualty Gone for Good?

Lost, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia ABC/Mario Perez

Spoiler Alert: Someone died on last night's Lost, and it was huge and shocking and fantastic...and just in case you haven't caught up on the latest Hurley-centric, aka amazing episode, we'd hate to ruin it for you.

Thus, we're cleverly disguising this scoop to look like that of the general variety, when really Jorge Garcia is dishing on whether the seemingly dead Lostie is really a goner...pretty smart, huh?

Zuleikha Robinson, Lost ABC/MARIO PEREZ

In case you missed the memo, Zuleikha Robinson's Ilana was offed on Tuesday's Lost after suffering a terrible blow in what proved to be an explosive hour (yes, all puns are totally intentional).

"We blew somebody up yesterday! Man!" Jorge tells us, still stunned by the crazy turn of events.

We have to admit that Ilana's quick death early in the episode really threw us, but Jorge agrees that she really shouldn't have been waving around that bag of TNT so carelessly. (Anyone who's watched the show since season one knows that stuff needs to be handled with some major TLC!)

"Thank god she's dead and didn't have to hear that," he teases. "And she's had all this 'training,, right?"

Jorge brings up a good point, too. "Let's face it, that training didn't go all that well, either, because why did she have all those bandages on her face?" Interesting.

Sadly, when we dug a little deeper, we discovered there may not be much more to learn about Ilana, even though she seemed to have this whole huge history we never knew, particularly involving Jacob.

"Don't hold your breath about too much more information about Ilana," says Jorge. "You will see her again, but there's a lot of stuff to get to in the next six hours, so..."

Agreed. Ilana, we liked you, but there are just far more pressing matters at hand and Jorge's got it right. There are only six hours left in the world of Lost, and we would rather see Ben back in action or learn Desmond's fate or find out who'll be the next Jacob.

So rest in peace, nice knowin' ya and we'll see ya in another life, brotha.

Check back soon for more from our chat with Jorge...including what Hurley's got up his sleeve for those un-Flocked followers and why the finale moved him to tears. For now, say your goodbyes to Ilana in the comments.


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