David Cook

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Jennifer Hudson didn't win American Idol, but she did win an Oscar.

So is it any surprise to hear an American Idol winner confess he's looking to do some acting?

"I would love to," season seven winner David Cook, 26, told us at his CD signing at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal CityWalk in L.A. when we asked if he wants to get into the movies. "It's another kind of way to be creative, so I'm very on board for that."

One thing he's not on board for, however, is replacing Paula Abdul at the Idol judges' table…

"Nobody can replace her," Cook said. "I don't think anybody should try. What made Paula work and what makes all the judges work is that they are their own people."

And don't expect Cook to pull a Victoria Beckham and guest-judge on the upcoming season. He said, "After being critiqued, I don't know if I can do that to someone."

—Reporting by Erica Stein


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