Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Kevin Jonas, Kendra Wilkinson

Remember when all the news was Twilight-related? Alas, not so much these days.

Another week dominated by Michael Jackson headlines is behind us. But as the King of Pop's family scrambled to make funeral and tribute arrangements and as authorities continue to probe the prescription-med situation, some rays of lighthearted news started to show through the cracks. Here's how it went down on E! Online...

1. Considering the bizarre life he led, it's no surprise that MJ's death is turning out to be pretty weird, too. From dad Joe promoting his own record label to Jackson's baby mama (the real one) turning up to throw a wrench into the artist's will-stipulated wishes, we're sensing that the circus has only just begun. At least it looks as if the King of Pop himself will be resting in peace soon enough, and rehearsal video shows him looking happy in his final days.

2. On the potentially criminal side of things, the DEA is collaborating with the LAPD's investigation into Jackson's death, and there are supposedly plenty of doctors and other peeps ripe for the interviewin'.

3. On the complete flip side of the news spectrum, Kevin Jonas is engaged! The 21-year-old Jonas Brother presented his girlfriend of two years, Danielle Deleasa, with a rock he helped design on Wednesday. But dry your eyes, Mrs. Jonas hopefuls—there are still two brothers where he came from!

4. Kendra Wilkinson and NFL stud Hank Baskett tied the knot at the Playboy Mansion, with Hef, Bridget and Holly in attendance. Then it was off to St. Lucia for the honeymoon, where they hoped to get lots of good nudity in before their first child arrives this Christmas.

5. Friends and family gathered for Farrah Fawcett's private funeral at an L.A. cathedral Tuesday. Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond served as pallbearers and read Bible passages, while best friend Alana Stewart delivered a eulogy. Just watching the procession on a wee video screen brought tears to our eyes.

6. As if the world needed any more such things, infomercial maestro Billy Mays died suddenly last weekend at 50, apparently of heart disease. Silver screen veteran Karl Malden, an Oscar winner for A Streetcar Named Desire, left us as well, but at least he had the decency to do it at 97.

7. Once-scorned Bachelor bait Melissa Rycroft has said yes once again to tying the knot—here's hoping she said it to the right guy this time!

8. Jon & Kate are done talking to the media. That's what they told the media, at least.

9. American Idol's season-eight top 10 dished to Watch With Kristin about the Idols Live! tour. And now you can vote for the 2009 Tater Tops all at once!

10. Despite all the doom and gloom, the Awful Truth is paying attention to what's up. And just so you know, we're probably going to be talking about this a lot pretty soon, too.

Aside from our complete editorial coverage and copious photographic looks at Michael Jackson's life and the mourning that has occurred in his absence, we have oh-so-many other pictures for you to look at, as well.


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