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Our Five Fave Face-Offs: Adam vs. Clay, Pattz vs. Pine & More

Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken, Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images, Dominque Charriau/Getty Images

Everyone loves a good battle, especially when it involves famous people.

Whether truly feuding or merely fighting for a higher position on our Fanpage Fame Charts, numbers never lie (just ask Kris Allen, who—gasp!—didn't even crack our top 30).

This weekend, we're giving you the final outcome on some of the duels that dominated the week's news and some of the clashes that really don't amount to a whole hill of beans. It's all in good, Fanpage fun.

The Battle of the Runner-Ups: Adam Lambert vs. Clay Aiken. The war of words between these two out and maybe-outted crooners might be more awesome than the high notes they hit on their respective seasons of American Idol. But a winner had to be named and we're calling it. At the buzzer: Glambert. AT&T rumors and sexual preference uncertainty be damned.

The Battle of the Babes: Robert Pattinson vs. Chris Pine. The vamp was photographed without a shirt on the set of New Moon, and the Star Trek hottie ate a pen (although he does go shirtless rather often). Still, there was no competition. At the buzzer: Pattz wins. He always does.

The Battle of the K Kuties: Kristen Stewart vs. Kim Kardashian. Kim K. dropped some future engagement bombshells on us this week and had a few vandalism incidents in her boutiques in both Miami and Los Angeles. K.Stew, on the other hand, continued to shoot New Moon in Italy, where she received some pretty steamy smooches from a certain hot costar. At the buzzer: K.Stew wins by a landslide.

The Battle of the Beyotch: Kate Gosselin vs. Katherine Heigl. Both Kates have a TV show, a notorious temper and a penchant for ratings gold. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star keeps making headlines with her ongoing family drama, yet the megamom just scored a deal to write a cookbook and TLC can't wait to air 39 more episodes of her show. The Grey's Anatomy star's Izzie Stevens may or may not live to see another season, but the actress is definitely hoping for a return trip to the Emmys. At the buzzer: Gosselin takes all.

The Battle of the Randoms: Adrianne Curry vs. Robin Givens vs. Doug Reinhardt. When you twitter all the time or you date Paris Hilton, you're bound to wind up on a few lists. Givens, on the other hand, most likely made this appearance due to her mention as Mike Tyson's ex-wife in the tragic tale of the death of his 4-year-old daughter. At the buzzer: The Hills hottie (whether he likes it or not) beats the former Mrs. Tyson beats the former America's Next Top Model.

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