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American Idol Season 8

Michael Becker / FOX

Everyone's yakking about Paula and Kara fighting behind the American Idol scenes and the possibility of one of 'em getting kicked off the show come contract time. So if Idol producers are keen on only keeping one of 'em, which one should it be? The out-of-her-element-but-hilarious Abdul? Or fresh meat DioGuardi who actually knows what she's talking about?

The Awful Truth has the solution to this showdown—the judge who really needs to go is...


Seriously, if Idol producers are booting anybody off the judges table, it should be the dude down on the far end. Jackson adds nada to the show; his critiques have been the same since season one, and he doesn't even register on the drama meter.

Simon's bitchy criticisms are still the No. 1 attraction, and Paula's oddball behavior (and wardrobe) has kept her relevant. Even newbie Kara's more interesting than the guy who keeps uttering dawg all the time.

If Randy wants to stay on, he's gotta get a new, less-dated catchphrase or scoop up some scandal. How about sparking some Abdul-esque controversy by spending a li'l too much private time with an Idol hopeful?

He's already got that sorta rumor that he wined and dined frontrunner Adam Lambert at Katsuya. That's a start!

If Randy stays, there just might be another male in danger of being taken off the show. Nastyass scuttlebutt's brewing that there are some extremely explicit photos (from a "gay underground publication," no less, and you now how na-stay those outfits are!) of a current contestant on their way to being leaked any minute now. Way more graphic than some drag queen pics—something family-friendly Fox will definitely find hard-core enough for that contestant to be disqualified.

You're thinking Lambert, right? If this rumor is true, we're hoping it's the good Christian widower Danny Gokey getting hot 'n' horny heavy in some real Colin Farrell style pics. We love left turns like that! Don't you?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain