Jamie Foxx Slams Miley Cyrus: "Make a Sex Tape...Do Some Heroin"

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    It's probably safe to say there are no Kids' Choice Awards in Jamie Foxx's immediate future.

    After taking a call on his Sirius satellite radio show The Foxxhole Sunday, the Oscar winner and his zoo crew lashed out at tween dream and reigning box-office champ Miley Cyrus, referring to the 16-year-old as a "little white bitch" and advising her to alternately "do some heroin" and "make a sex tape and grow up."

    The 41-year-old's foul outburst was prompted by a caller to the show who brought up a month-old story in which Cyrus pledged to "ruin" Radiohead after the rockers rejected a request to meet with the Disney star backstage at the Grammys.

    "Who is Miley Cyrus?" an incredulous Foxx, who has a teenage daughter of his own, said. "The one with all the gums? She gotta get a gum transplant...S--t."

    The insults didn't stop there. Or get less personal.

    "She's gonna ruin Radiohead's career? The same Radiohead that gets paid a million dollars just to sample their songs?

    "Make a sex tape and grow up," he continued. "Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan and start seeing a lesbian and get some crack in your pipe. Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.

    "That's what I want."

    Just as long as he doesn't also want a young female audience to turn up for his next film.

    Neither Cyrus nor Foxx has yet to directly address the rant, though the Hannah Montana star posted a suddenly relevant message to her Twitter page last night.

    "If you cant say something nice dont say anything at all," she wrote.

    A rep for Foxx, meanwhile, said a statement would be forthcoming, but cautioned fans from taking the actor's words too seriously.

    "I'm sure you're aware," the publicist tells E! News, "that Jamie's show is a comedy."

    (Originally published April 14, 2009, at 6:50 a.m. PT)

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