Jennifer Aniston

Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Adam Sandler is going to have to make do without Jennifer Aniston for about a week.

The two are currently shooting the romantic comedy Just Go With It, but Ms. Aniston will be jetting to Europe any day now…

She and Gerard Butler are going back on the road to promote The Bounty Hunter. While the two hit the red carpet premieres in New York and London, they're making another trip overseas.

They've got a premiere in Paris on Sunday followed by Berlin the next night. The final leg of the trip is a stop in Madrid.

Meanwhile, I'm told Aniston and Butler are paying no mind to the many bloggers and critics who have been bashing the movie's $20 million opening weekend in the U.S. as a disappointment. 

"We are all happy with the numbers," a studio insider says, pointing out that The Bounty Hunter is Aniston's fourth film in the last five years with a $20 million opening.

"That is great," says another industry executive not affiliated with The Bounty Hunter. "No [other] woman opens a movie that big."


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