Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are so cute it's crazy.

Between the Instagram posts and adorable tweets, we just can't seem to get enough of the ever-relatable When in Rome costars. When they're together, they never cease to be #goals. And for a couple of celebrities, it's remarkable how often they leave us thinking, "same!"

It's just always so refreshing when the rich and famous types get real about life—and how it isn't always easy.

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Instagram


For instance, both Shepard and Bell have opened up about their personal struggles in order to help erase any stigma that might prevent others from speaking out.

Shepard has been open about his struggle with addiction, and Bell has spoken about her own battle with depression. That said, it doesn't seem like anything is too much for the couple to conquer together. The actors have been a couple for nine years, and have been married for four. So, so far so good!

This throwback picture of the couple (nice suspenders!) as twentysomethings testifies to their nearly decade long lovefest.

Speaking of conquering, it's worth noting that the duo are basically Game of Thrones superfans, just like, y'know, seemingly everyone else on the planet.

Not only did they attend the show's season six premiere—dressed in awww-inspiring matching T-shirts—the couple dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo for Halloween a few years ago. Recently, Bell revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that, despite having no idea what it meant, her 3-year old daughter Lincoln running around saying, "Winter is coming!"

Kristen Bell, Golden Globes 2017, Instagram


And though Bell has super-heavy cool kid cred as a Frozen princess, life as a mother is not always so glamorous. 

But this doesn't seem to faze the star of The Good Place, who's happy to share her own not-so-dreamy anecdotes: She told Redbook "'s important to remind moms that all of us are wearing yogurt and all of our hands smell like urine."

Never one to shy away from personal subjects, she went on to talk to Natural Health about her experience with pressure to lose baby weight, saying, "I'm not willing to kill myself to look a certain way. And I won't ruin the first six months of being with my baby because I'm only eating lettuce. It's also not healthy while you're breastfeeding, and I breastfeed like a champion."

She's not the only one who has been candid about life as a parent.

Shepard too has been characteristically frank in his interviews about daddyhood, telling Ellen Degeneres that he tries to be "100 percent honest" with his children, even when it's tough. One such case: his explanation of Santa Claus.

As Dax related to Ellen, "I said, 'There's gonna be a guy stopping by on Christmas Eve in a red jumpsuit with combat boots, huge Grizzly Adams beard...He's got a lot of aliases and he's gonna show up riding a team of endangered animals.'" So obviously, Lincoln "can't wait to meet this felon," he added.

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Instagram


Despite being a pretty high-profile couple, as well as co-stars of the upcoming CHiPs movie, they're pretty serious about keeping their relationship low-key.

After waiting for the legalization of same-sex marriage in California, the two quietly married in a small courthouse in Beverly Hills in front of family and friends—a stark contrast to some of the massive celebrity weddings we've seen.

They've also been careful to keep their daughters, Lincoln and 20-month old Deltaout of the spotlight, sharing only one picture to social media that includes one of their kids, and it's still impossible to make out exactly who it is. As Dax explained, he and Kristen "made a decision to get into show business and become public figures," but their children did not.

Above all, what makes Kristen and Dax so lovable is how totally real they are.

At a Golden Globes after-party, they played Settlers of Catan. They went to a charity gala and Instagrammed the food. The star couple ran into The Night Of's Riz Ahmed and were totally star-struck.

TBH, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are all of us.

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