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Jessica Simpson, dear, you're hardly alone.

The pop star turned head of a billion-dollar fashion empire made an appearance last night on the Home Shopping Network in honor of her eponymous line's 10th-anniversary collection—and wouldn't you know, she had a moment that came off a little strange to some viewers.

In between orders for her beloved gray skinny jeans and other goodies, armchair critics took to Twitter to note that Ms. Simpson seemed to be slurring her words while promoting the aforementioned denim. That didn't stop sales from going through the roof, but it gave people something to cackle at around the virtual water cooler. Meanwhile, Jess is probably laughing off the speculation right this very moment...all the way to the bank.

But considering how HSN and the similarly minded QVC play host 24/7 to people—some celebs and professional TV personalities, and others who are just hocking their wares—who are tasked with keeping the live(!) conversation going for what can seem like ages at a time, it's almost surprising that "HSN Bloopers" isn't an existing sister channel. 

So, to prove just how much company Jessica Simpson has, here are seven more funny, weird, uncomfortable or otherwise bloopy HSN and QVC moments:

Mariah Carey HSN


1. All in the "Lambly": Mariah Carey first teamed up with HSN in 2010 for a line of shoes, jewelry and fragrance, so she's spent a fair amount of time on the network over the years—and she hasn't just pushed new products, she's come up with all sorts of new words! A particular appearance in 2011 that followed the birth of her twins was a particularly free-verse affair that was jam-packed with TMI.

2. Get Bill Nye in Here...: In January, Isaac Mizraahi quibbled with QVC presenter Jane Treacy over whether the moon is a planet...or a star. Yes, some arguments do not have a winner aside from the people who get to watch them unfold.

3. Lisa Robertson Steps Down: This wasn't weird so much as a heartbreaking shock for viewers, made none the less upsetting by the grave way the longtime QVC host addressed her impending exit. We do wonder how many members of the QVC audience she stayed in touch with afterwards.

4. Liza Minnelli Brings the House Down: Nothing to see here, other than just another Tony-caliber, stage-commanding performance from living legend Liza, who treats the HSN studio like her own personal cabaret. She's hypnotic!

5. The Show Must...Go On?: Cassie Slane is totally fine, we're happy to report, but here she is fainting mid-QVC presentation due to low blood sugar, while her co-host just keeps peddling tablets!

6. "I Fell on My Booty!": The holding power of hairspray is exciting, people! So much so, that hairstylist Nick Chavez totally eats it mid-styling segment.

7. The Ladder Classic: QVC acquired the Cable Value Network back in 1989, but when it was still CVN, this pitchman really showed what the Flex-o-Ladder can do (at around :40).

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