Isaac Mizrahi and QVC Host Argue Over Whether the Moon Is a ''Star or a Planet'': Watch the Cringeworthy Clip!

Two seemed to entirely forget about fashion as they engaged in the astronomy debate

By Alyssa Toomey Jan 15, 2015 7:39 PMTags

Astronomy 101, folks: the Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite. Now, if only someone could've told that to this QVC host...

Isaac Mizrahi recently stopped by the shopping channel to promote his new designs, which, according to QVC presenter Jane Treacy look "almost like what the Earth looks like when you're a bazillion miles away on the planet Moon." 

Yeah, that happened. 

While many were left scratching their head after Treacy's remarks, Mizrahi did absolutely nothing to clear up the confusion, and in fact, only made the conversation far more cringeworthy. 

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"From the planet Moon," the 53-year-old fashion designer repeats as we're left hoping that a producer quickly performs a Google search. 

"Isn't the moon a star?" Treacy replies, suddenly questioning her facts. 

And that's when the conversation really took a turn for the worse. 

"No, the moon is a planet, darling," Mizrahi says before Treacy continues, seemingly becoming more baffled as time continues, "Is the Moon really a planet? Don't look at me like that. The Sun is a star ... Is the Sun not a star?"

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"I don't know what the Sun is," Mizrahi admits. 

We'll spare you our reaction since, let's be honest, the poor model's face says it all.


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