Looks like the newborn additions to Mariah Carey's "lambly" are making her a little loopy. (See, that's apparently M's new word for "family," everybody.)

But made-up words are just a taste of Mariah's totally bizarre-o live two-hour appearance Sunday on HSN.

Instead of hawking her merch, the singer rambled on about her difficult pregnancy, and so much more:

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Are the babies going to her brain?!

"Holding those twins in—you have to keep them in as long as possible," an out-of-it Mariah told viewers. "It's a sacrifice you make for them. Literally I was like, 47-weeks pregnant."

Are we sure Nick Cannon is the father of M.'s twins and not some alien baby daddy?

And speaking of new papas, Mariah continued during her live, late-night time slot, "Anybody pregnant right now, there's push gifts here. Tell your baby-father."

Yet another new phrase coined by the word genius!

Carey's camp would not respond for comment when we asked what was up with the loony appearance.

Indeed, after telling viewers how proud she was of herself for the pregnancy and finally getting back to the task at hand of selling her goods (for barely a second), Mariah snapped at the camera people "don't go to me" for the full body shot.

Looks like the new mama is as diva as ever! And still worried about her weight.

"I was so uncomfortable," Mariah revealed of her pregnancy to her late night audience. "[People] were always saying to me, 'Oh, but it's all worth it!' Yeah, but it's easy to say when you're not the one whose feet are this big! It turned into like a really difficult time."

Apparently so "difficult" it is still affecting mommy Mariah today.

Unlike M.'s previous work such as the infamous flick, Glitter, this video is a must-see.

And we mean that as a compliment, babe—most entertaining work you've done in years!

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