Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez's Couple's Workout, Revealed

Sweat, baby, sweat

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It's pop culture fact that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are one of the sexiest couples out there right now.

That doesn't happen by itself, people. And by that we mean this dynamic duo is working out as a team to stay looking that good.

J.Lo is no stranger to the benefits of a good exercise buddy, but some partner workouts are reserved for couples only. Sorry, Dwayne Johnson. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, their trainer David Kirsch revealed the exact fitness routine this pair likes to do together at NYC's Madison Square Club.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Romance Rewind

One essential element of their workout that simply can't be replicated? Chemistry. According to David, it's that natural connection that allows the duo to take it to the next level with a variety of partner-based exercises. This means two-person sit-ups with medicine balls and partner pushups.

If you think that sounds grueling, wrap your head around 15 reps of each. Then add reverse crunches and planks with dumbbell row and triceps extensions, and now you've got an idea of what it means to train like this power couple.

But what else did you really expect when bringing together a former pro-baseball player and the pure talent of Jennifer Lopez? A-Rod has even admitted that his girlfriend, a former track star from junior high, is "a much better athlete."

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Madison Square Club is the pop singer's preferred fitness spot because she's able to complete a workout that can maximize her time, whether or not she's got her man at her side. "That's why we do full-body training," Kirsch told Us. "We use simple equipment such as medium-sized free weights, medicine balls, TRX straps and resistance bands. We also do body weight exercises."


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