All the Times Kate Hudson Was a Fitness Inspiration

From the pole to Pilates

By Amanda Randone Aug 30, 2017 8:18 PMTags

Kate Hudson is famous for a lot of things: the iconic role of Penny Lane in Almost Famous, that yellow dress in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, her royal Hollywood roots.

But she's also an important figure in the fitness world. The star is the co-founder of the fitness brand Fabletics, a total go-to for our trendiest workout needs. As the face of line, Kate is committed to inspiring others to lead healthier, more active lives. Simply scrolling through her Instagram feed proves that passion is real.

Kate Hudson's Street Style

Whether she's taking a group class, testing out pole dancing or doing Toddlerography with James Corden (our personal favorite), Kate keeps it interesting and keeps it real—which keeps us motivated.

Check out these 10 times this legging-clad fitness guru got us wanting to put down our phones and head off to Pilates.

Donkey Kick Off

Kate posted a photo with her trainer Nicole Stuart, which proves even stars get stuck mid-workout sometimes. Kate was targeting her glutes with Donkey Kicks, which is when you get on all fours, raise your leg, knee bent and lift. We're ready to feel the burn. 

Impromptu Yoga Session

Yoga doesn't get much better than when it's poolside and in Colorado. Kate posted her spontaneous class with yoga pro Sian Gordon. Obviously, dogs and kids were welcome, too. How about fans?

Just Dance

One of the coolest things about Kate is the diversity of her exercise routine, which is the key to staying motivated. Add a celeb like Maddie Ziegler to the mix, and you've got yourself one fabulous fitness session. Kate shared a selfie of the two at dance rehearsal together, sparking our own desire to get a groove on (A-list partner not included, obviously).

Dressed to Impress

Can we make up an expression? "Dress for the workout routine you want to have." Because that's how this actress makes us feel. Kate regularly shares her favorite pieces from her activewear brand, which was launched back in 2013. Her coordinated workout ensembles and stylish approach to fitness are enough reason for us to ditch the jeans and hit the gym.

Strike a Pose

One of Kate's favorite activities is yoga. We often see her working with some of the best trainers, meditating or simply practicing on her own. She posted a picture of an impressive tree pose, and we're totally saving it for reference.

Power Pilates

Leave it to Kate to take an already challenging exercise to the extreme. Is that Pilates or is she flying? Pilates is great for your abs, improves flexibility and keeps you focused. We want to get on Kate's level.

Take a Hike

Kate is close to her mom, award-winning actress Goldie Hawn, so it's no surprise the pair like staying healthy together. What's one of the best ways to bond and build muscle at the same time? Hiking around Hollywood, of course. Bonus points if you wear matching hats.

Birthday Treat

Following Kate's workout adventures makes us feel up for anything. To celebrate her friend's birthday, the star posted about taking her pal on a 20-mile bike ride. That's one way to show you care. We're taking notes, Kate.

Having a Ball

One important lesson Kate has about working out is not taking yourself too seriously. While fitness balls are great for even the most basic moves like push-ups, squats and planks, they're also good for bouncing around and having a grand old time. This celeb is not afraid to share just how much fun they can be, and we want to try, too.

Booty Belt

We count on Kate to keep us up-to-date with the latest fitness products and tools on the market. This is one that really got us wanting to hit the mat and work those glutes. Kate shared a photo using a Booty Belt, which is a resistance band that attaches to your sneakers targeting that backside: no trainer necessary.

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Alright, who's got an exercise ball we can use?

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