45 Very Important Questions TV Must Answer in 2017

We need to know!!

By Lauren Piester Jan 02, 2017 4:00 PMTags

Now that we've finally gotten out of 2016, we find ourselves left with a lot of loose ends.

That was a tumultuous year both on and off TV, but 2017 could very well be full of promise and hope and answers. The answers are what we're really looking for, because we've got so many questions about TV for this next year.

Will the new shows live up to their promises? Will old shows continue to thrill us? Will all the endings satisfy us? We're going to have to wait to find out, so for now all we can do is bother everyone with a lot of incessant question asking! 

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Will there be more Gilmore Girls? Not sure those four words were actually quite as final as Amy Sherman-Palladino believed them to be (and Netflix seems to agree). Also not sure we want more Gilmore if there's any danger of another 10 minute musical.

Is it even possible for Pretty Little Liars to wrap everything up in a satisfying way? After seven seasons of mystery, murder, sex, and scary text messages, we're not sure there's any way that show could end that will answer all of our many, many questions.

Plus: Will any of the girls not end up with their high school sweethearts? Things are pretty bleak if not even those smart, beautiful, badass ladies can find new people to date as adults.

Should CMT have bothered saving Nashville? Our gut answer is no.  

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Can the broadcast networks get their groove back? A lot of great shows premiered, but other than This Is Us, nothing new really popped this year. Is that a sign of the times, or just a problem with this particular crop of shows?

Speaking of This Is Us, what does its future look like? As with any new show we love, we fear a sophomore slump, a la Empire, and we fear it hard. Hopefully the incredible performances and comfy cozy family vibes can carry the show for a long, long time.

Speaking of Empire, will we ever care again? We want to, we really do!

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Is this the beginning of the end for The Walking Dead? Ratings are a bit down ever since the head-bashing premiere, and it's not as hot of a discussion topic, so maybe it's time to wind down. Seven seasons is already plenty for most shows.

Can Arrow really get back to its roots? The crossover (and a series rewatch) showed us the heart that we've missed, and now we're hoping the show can stick with it…though we're a little wary of their explanation for that midseason finale surprise.  

Will The Flash's Savitar actually scare us? As much as we love that show, it's hard to keep making new speedsters scarier than the last scary speedster. (Also, if Iris dies, we quit.)


Can anyone recreate the magic of Grease Live? Hairspray Live was good, but there was something about Grease that just felt like such a party.

Can Stranger Things season two live up to season one? We're really afraid it's not possible.

Plus: Will they avoid shoehorning Barb back in due to popularity? It's fun to ask for #justiceforBarb, but she's not actually that great, you guys.

What will the next Stranger Things-esque surprise hit be? It sure wasn't The OA.

Did Netflix learn the right things from The OA? Weird mystery hype: good. Allowing indie darlings to do their thing: mostly good. Actual show: Could have used some notes.

Will TV episodes ever be a normal length again? Longer is not always better. Usually, it's just more annoying. 

Can UnREAL recover from season two? Boy do we hope so. 

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What kind of show is You're the Worst? It's at its best when it makes horrible people horrifyingly hilarious, but lately things have gotten too real and too tragic. Give us both the reality and the jokes, please.

Will the Twin Peaks revival be any good? Twin Peaks is a weird f—king show and it had better stay that way.

Will The Good Fight be worth the subscription to CBS All Access? And did CBS make the right decision to put its most anticipated new shows on a subscription-based streaming site?

Same for Star Trek: The cast is promising. The loss of Bryan Fuller is less so.  

Will American Gods be worth losing Bryan Fuller for Star Trek? It looks amazing, but turning that book into a TV show seems like a hell of a task.


Will we love or hate Nick Viall as The Bachelor? Please let the fourth time be the charm.

And will we ever be able to stop using the above pic of him in the fur coat? No. 

And is this the beginning of a new era for the franchise? Nick's status as a four-time Bachelor alum is barely a shake-up, but hopefully it's a sign of interesting things to come.

Will we ever be able to write about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend without wondering why no one is watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? We're getting very tired of yelling at you people to watch good things!  

Will we get too obsessed with Riverdale? A dark, sexy, murdery twist on a classic comic? You bet!  

Will Elena (Nina Dobrev) return for the Vampire Diaries finale? If she doesn't, there will probably be a riot.  

Will Teen Wolf end by changing its name to Adult WolfSorry.

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Do Insecure, Atlanta, Better Things, and Master of None know that they're not allowed to suffer sophomore slumps? We're working on getting it signed into law.

Will Greg Berlanti finally decide he has enough shows? Leave some for the other executive producers, dude!

Is How to Get Away with Murder going to regret killing Wes? We already regret it for them a little bit.

What will Veep do now? Can politics even be funny anymore?

In the same vein, can Scandal make us care about the results of its fictional presidential election? Can't say that was the most enticing season ender that show has ever had. 

Will we ever get the DuckTales (woo-ooh) theme song out of our heads? This new cast is just nuts.

Scream Queens? We don't know what to ask specifically, but something needs to be done.


Will we be able to take The Young Pope seriously? And will it deserve to be taken seriously? 

Will we care about the season two of American Crime Story nearly as much? Hurricane Katrina is just not as exciting as the O.J. Simpson trial! 

Which social media star will win a TV show next? And why? 

Which movie star will head to TV next? HBO's Big Little Lies and Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet seem like just the beginning. 

Can Dancing with the Stars be fun again? Last season was kind of a bore, if we're being honest. 

Will Game of Thrones do that thing we all still want it to do? There's still time! 

Bonus: What was up with Melisandre's magic necklace? Why did that never get addressed again??

Will that Will & Grace revival actually happen or is the entire cast just hoping it does? We love Will & Grace but this revival thing is starting to get old. 

Can the next season of RHONY (or any future Housewives season) live up to last season? We'd be shocked. 

Will we ever have time to watch all of TV's great shows? Only in our dreams. 

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And now, let's answer the questions we asked last year!

Did American Idol get its star power back in its final season? Who? Honestly, we forgot this happened this year. So...no.

Was Ben Higgins the Bachelor dream he appeared to be? Eh. He was sweet and thoughtful but not all that interesting.

What did Daredevil's Elektra look like? It's weird to remember a time when this was one of our concerns.

Did Legends of Tomorrow pull off what it promised? Probably not but we watch it anyway.

How did The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt top Peeno Noir? They didn't, but that's because it's not possible, so it's all good.

Did Fuller House recapture the magic of Full House? No, but that didn't stop us from inexplicably watching it like three times.

Comedy Central

Did we keep Amy Schumer? For now, at least.

Who was cast in season 3 of Fargo? Ewan McGregor. Twice!

Will there be a season three of True Detective? LOL.

Were we more addicted to Real Housewives of Dallas or Real Housewives of Potomac? Which one was the one with all the poop references again?

Did the Pretty Little Liars time jump rejuvenate the show? Yes!

And will the show finally be allowed to end peacefully? Well, at least it will be allowed to end.  Whether that end is peaceful is yet to be seen.

What will the next Chicago show be? Chicago Justice!

Could the new X-Files compete with all the shows that copied and surpassed The X-Files? No, and it was kind of a mess, but we still enjoyed watching it.

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Which internet trend will be turned into a show next? Oh my god, remember when Ryan Seacrest was turning Squad Goals into a TV show?

Did The 100 finally become the phenomenon it should be? Not really, but we blame the viewers and the show.

Will Teen Wolf be good again? So far, yes.

Was Grease Live an incredible spectacle or a huge fail? Incredible spectacle! We loved the hell out of it.

How obsessed were we with American Crime Story? We predicted "very," and we were right!

Could Empire return to its former glory? Sigh.

Did The Walking Dead ever get to sit down and rest for a minute? Well, it got to kneel for a second…before getting its head bashed in.

Which aging star will headline a sitcom next? Does Matt LeBlanc count? 

Did Shadowhunters spark a new guyliner trend? No! Rude!


Was Community actually canceled? Yes. RIP Community. And did we care? We wish.

Did Gaga do another season of American Horror Story? Yep, sorta!

Did Outlander season two still titillate us? Of course it did, as soon as it got out of France.

What show got rebooted next? 24, again, but different this time.

Did we care about Downton Abbey's final season? Nah.

Did Melissa McCarthy return for the Gilmore Girls reboot? She did, for a glorious few minutes.

Did Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel still have the vocal dexterity to play Gilmore Girls' Lorelai and Rory? You bet they did.   

Jon Snow? Yes.

Will anyone ever die? Sadly, yes, and we miss the days when we were asking this with longing in our voices.

What are your questions for TV in 2017? Sound off in the comments!