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It's happening, you guys. 

The internet and television are becoming one.

Forget the failings of $#*! My Dad Says, because Squad Goals, a new comedy produced by Ryan Seacrest that's heading to CBS, is definitely going to be Twitter's new favorite show. 

Squad Goals is about a group of 20-somethings who met in college and realize it's time to finally grow up, which means it could star any of the 20-somethings we've ever met, including Taylor Swift*. Can it please star Taylor Swift? (*We have never met Taylor Swift.) 

We are living in the age of sass, shade and witty retorts that can be condensed into hashtags. Basically, we're saying that this show is perfect for us, right now. In fact, this show is all of us, and we are this show. 

The script for the multi-cam/hybrid comedy series, which would air on CBS, comes from writers Aaron Karo and Lindsey Rosin, who are both currently in their thirties and therefore somehow made it through their twenties alive. Karo is a comedian and Rosin co-produced stage musical versions of The O.C. and Cruel Intentions

Now, don't get us wrong, we're totally thrilled about one of our favorite hashtags becoming a TV show, but we definitely don't think this should be the end of the internet's TV takeover. 

Here are a few other Twitter hashtags that we would also like to see brought to life: 

Dragged: the story of one woman, one tweet, and a lifelong quest to redeem herself of her total humiliation. Remember #hasJustinelandedyet? It's pretty much that. 
Snaps: A woman starts receiving strange, disturbing messages over Snapchat that all end with "You screenshot, you die." Can she solve the mystery before 24 hours is up and the pictures disappear forever? 
Thirsty: Hot people are hot together. Basically, all of the CW, but in one show. 
The Struggle is Real: Can one tired 20-something get out of bed and ready for work after staying up late to watch TV, every. Single. Day? 
First World Problems: It's basically Modern Family but...nah, it's just Modern Family
Deactivate: What happens to your life when the trolls get to be too much and you get rid of all your social media accounts? One woman is about to find out! 
Yasss: The most positive, least sleepy teen in the world attempts to navigate high school and all the negative vibes that come with it, armed with only an iPhone and her unmatched enthusiasm for everything and everyone.
Netflix and Chill: A series of vignettes about four different couples, each of whom plan a simple movie night that goes horribly—and sexily—awry.

What corner of the internet would you like to see on TV? Are you excited for Squad Goals? Sound off in the comments! 

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