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It's that time of year again!

Of course, by that time of year, we mean the end of an old and the start of a brand new one, full of hope and possibility and promises to ourselves we will definitely not keep (oh hey, gym membership).

TV, however, is much more reliable than we are, and is promising us a whole lot of exciting things in 2016: New X-Files, new Full House, sophomore seasons of shows like Daredevil and Outlander that will somehow live up to the first seasons, and even a show about O.J. Simpson that involves both John Travoltaand Ross Geller as a Kardashian. 

It all sounds a little too good to be true, to be honest, but we've got faith that our expectations will be met and our questions will be answered.

Speaking of that, here are all the questions we can't wait to see answered in 2016:

Can American Idol get its star power back in its final season? The show hasn't produced an impactful star in several seasons, but even if it can't pull out another Kelly Clarkson, we'd take another Jordin Sparks or Chris Daughtry.

Will Ben Higgins be the Bachelor dream he appears to be? Let's face it: Chris Soules was boring, and Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season was just nuts, but Ben might just have the sense of humor and the selection of women (Horses! Unicorns! Twins! Chickens!) necessary to breathe new life into this show.

Daredevil, Season 2


What will Daredevil's Elektra look like? Even after this week's first glimpse at the character (see above), we have yet to see her in an actual superhero costume, and something tells us that the gritty Netflix series won't be putting her in a red leather corset and maxi-skirt loin cloth.

Can Legends of Tomorrow pull off what it's promising? The CW's epic time travel/superhero drama might be the most ambitious show of the year, with multiple time periods, a whole bunch of characters, and a lot of necessary special effects. All we want is for it to live up to its two parent shows, The Flash and Arrow, and their skill at balancing the shiny tricks with genuine emotions.

How will The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt top "Peeno Noir?" Is it even possible?

Can Fuller House recapture the magic of Full House? We aren't sure what the magic of Full House was, but we suspect it had something to do with the Olsen twins. If this Olsen-free rendition can still make us grin like idiots while also cringing at the cheese, we will be some truly happy campers.  

Can we keep you, Amy Schumer? Please don't get too famous and leave Inside Amy Schumer for movies. Please!

Who will be cast in season three of Fargo? We haven't stopped thinking about a third season since the second one ended. Kirsten Dunst's sweet & delusional Peggy Blumquist was a revelation we'd like to have more of, please.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Cast

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Will there be a season three of True Detective, and if there is, who will be cast in it? Season two was just so not season one that we don't even know if we want more of the HBO detective drama. We'll take it if it's got the right cast, however. Like maybe the entire cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Just throwing it out there…

Will we get more addicted to Real Housewives of Dallas or Real Housewives of Potomac? Or, which one will quietly die first?

Will the Pretty Little Liars time jump actually be the rejuvenating jolt to that show that it looks like it might be? Sure they are all ridiculously successful for only 5 years later, but we just love time jumps so much. Also: Will Pretty Little Liars finally be allowed to end peacefully?

What will the next Chicago show be? We hope it's Chicago Transit and it's about the dramatic lives of CTA employees.  

Can The X-Files compete with all of the shows that copied & surpassed The X-Files? It was ground-breaking at the time, but watching the series now feels like something we've seen a few times over. The new show has to feel both new and old at the same time, which can't be easy.

Is Jennifer Lopez a believable New York detective? And how weird will it be to watch both Shades of Blue and American Idol at the same time?

Lexa, Clarke, first kiss, The 100

Which internet trend will be turned into a show next? Honestly we're shocked that Netflix and Chill is still not an upcoming series.

Will The 100 finally become the phenomenon it should be? Clarke is basically an even more badass version of Katniss Everdeen and she should be worshipped as such.

Similarly, will the rest of the world finally jump on the You're the Worst bandwagon? Trash juice for all the garbage people!

Will Teen Wolf be good again? It hasn't been bad, necessarily, but it has just not been the same since the incredible Evil Stiles season. Giant monsters are just not as effective as Dylan O'Brien.

Will Grease Live be an incredible spectacle or a huge fail? We just rewatched the movie and remembered how weird and sexist it is, but we got chillllllllls, they're multiplying…

How obsessed will we be with American Crime Story? Judging by what we've seen, the answer is very.  

Can Empire return to its former glory? Season one was an incredible triumph of soapy goodness. Season two seems to be going for a little more soap and a little less goodness, and while we're still enjoying it, we miss what we had.

Where does Scandal go from here? Hopefully somewhere new and beautiful, beyond love triangles and Pope family drama. 

Will the Walking Dead ever get to sit down and rest for a minute? They've been walking a long time and have to be getting tired by now. 



Which aging star will headline a sitcom next? With the critical success of Grandfathered and The Grinder, there have got to be more of them lining up outside Fox's door. Clooney?

Will Shadowhunters spark a new guyliner trend? We hope not but also we hope so. 

Is Community actually canceled or not? And do we care if the answer is yes? 

How much have we missed New Girl? A lot, but not quite as much as we have missed Winston and his cat. 

Will Gaga do another season of American Horror Story? Gaga ooh la la? 

Will Outlander season two still titillate us without another Wedding episode? Yes. Duh.   

What show will be rebooted next? Heroes, The X-Files, Gilmore Girls, Full House, Prison Break, Twin Peaks…Which series will be ripped from its grave this year? We nominate Ed or Gilligan's Island

Will we care about Downton Abbey's final season? Only if Maggie Smith makes us.

Will Melissa McCarthy return for the Gilmore Girls reboot? Please don't pull an Olsen twins on us, Sookie. We need you.

Do Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel still have the vocal dexterity to play Gilmore Girls' Lorelai and Rory? This is a dumb question. Of course they do.

Jon Snow? You know the question, and you also probably know the answer.

Will anyone ever die? First show to actually kill of a major character in 2016 gets a cookie!

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