Sutton Foster, perhaps the biggest Gilmore Girls fan around (besides you, of course), is predictably very excited about the revival. Her excitement is even more understandable considering she's in the freakin' show!

"I shot for four days in Stars Hollow and it was like four of the greatest days I've ever had," she told E! News at Variety's Power of Women: New York, presented by Lifetime.

Foster, who stars on TV Land's hit series Younger, described the experience as "insanity," and yep, that sounds about right.

There's been no shortage of Gilmore Girls revival headlines since Netflix officially announced it was bringing back Lorelai, Rory and the rest of Stars Hollow for four 90-minute movies, each named after a season of the year. Those headlines ranged from what the final four words do for the story to most notably why Melissa McCarthy wasn't going to be in it. That all changed when she announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she would indeed stir the pot once again as Sookie St. James. And we mean literally stir the pot, Sookie's a chef.

Sutton Foster, Gilmore Girls

Monica Schipper/FilmMagic, The WB

"There has been something that I have been asked about so, so many times and it hasn't worked out and there is… they're making four new movies of the Gilmore Girls which is a show which was near and dear to my heart...and we could not get those schedules to work. And there was a whole thing. And then I was gonna be out of the country and blah, blah, blah. And literally about an hour and half ago we figured out that I'm gonna go back and do it and I am excited. And they are gonna be amazing," McCarthy told Ellen DeGeneres. "Amy Sherman-Palladino is going to squeeze me in to do it and I'm very happy to go back to Stars Hollow...I'm just really excited about that. So it just happened and I got asked a lot about it and as of not even two hours ago it's happening."

Foster said she's "super excited that Sookie will be back."

Click play on the video above for more from Foster.

No premiere date as given for Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival.

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