Kirsten Dunst Lived Out All of Our Laziest Dreams to Gain Weight for Her Role in Fargo

Actress dishes on gaining weight for the FX series

By Kendall Fisher Oct 13, 2015 3:22 PMTags
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Sometimes being an A-list movie star is really hard work…but then there are those moments of awesomeness during which you get to lay in bed and eat all day in order to prep for a role.

Such was the case for Kirsten Dunst and her latest part on season two of the FX series Fargo.

The actress joined Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night and dished about how she had to gain weight to play her character. While some actors and actresses have complained about completing such a task in the past, Dunst said it was as amazing as we all think it would be.

"Well, listen, I was in Calgary and it was cold. And so I ordered in a lot of pizza, grilled cheese…I just had different cheeses and breads together," she said, laughing. "And now I'm like, 'Yeah! I gained weight for this role,' but really I just sat in my bed, watched Friday Night Lights and ate. That's what I did."

Um…dream come true! Sign us up!

Interestingly enough, Dunst's husband in Fargo, Jesse Plemons, was also on Friday Night Lights, so of course she always makes sure to get the behind-the-scenes scoop.

"I learned real juice. Like who was dating who…shocking couples!" she exclaimed, teasing the audience. "Like I can't even say. It would be so fun to gossip about it but we can't!"


In the new season of Fargo, Dunst plays a Midwestern beautician who's also a bit of a sociopath. She's married to an unassuming butcher's assistant named Ed (Plemons).

The actress tells Kimmel it's wonderful to endorse something she actually enjoys working on and is proud to be a part of. "It's nice to promote something and not have to lie about it," she admits, insinuating there's definitely been roles she wasn't as excited about.

Meanwhile, at the season two premiere of the popular FX series earlier this month, Dunst gave E! News a bit more insight into her character. "Peggy does something very dumb and very bad and then she tries to cover it up like nothing ever happened. So you slowly realize there's a sociopathic streak in her to be able to do something like that."

So far, the new season has been amazing. We can't wait to keep watching!

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