Happy World Smile Day! If you haven't yet cracked a big ol' grin to celebrate this happy little holiday, we suggest reading through our list of pop culture statements of facts. At least one of these should make you smile like a fool:

Beyonce GIFs

1. Beyoncé exists.
2. Facebook is adding a dislike button.
3. Pumpkin Spice season is here.
4. Man buns have taken over Instagram.
5. Nutella has been invented.

Star Wars Trailer GIFs


6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out in two and a half months.
7. They make Halloween costumes for pets, so you can make your cat a taco cat.
8. Taco Bell is going to start serving booze.
9. A dog wouldn't leave her friend for an entire week after she fell down a hole.
10. Sherlock will include a Christmas special this year.

Coffee GIF

11. Coffee exists.
12. TGIT is back in our TV lives.
13. The final installment of The Hunger Games comes out soon.
14. Baby red pandas live on this planet.
15. Stephen Colbert is doing his thing like always over at The Late Show.

Drinking wine GIFs

16. Amy Schumer is a living, breathing human.
17. Sweater weather is back.
18. This photo exists.
19. So does this photo.
20. And this photo, too.

Emperor's New Groove GIFs

21. Emperor's New Groove is streaming on Netflix.
22. Someone actually took the time to explain a Home Alone plot hole.
23. All our favorite ‘90s casts are reuniting.
24. McDonald's all-day breakfast starts in four days.
25. We live in a world where Amy Poehler and Tina Fey write and star in movies together.

Cassidy, Miracle Kitten, Wheelchair GIF

Tiny Kittens Society

26. This tiny cat has a tiny wheelchair so it can walk again.
27. Twitter might give us more than 140 characters.
28. Drake is a person.
29. Sweatpants can be purchased anywhere.
30. There's now an actual Netflix and Chill button.

Dog Train GIF


31. Someone created a train that takes rescued dogs on rides around town.
32. Bacon is plentiful.
33. We found water on Mars.
34. Doug the Pug exists.
35. J.K. Rowling is still writing.

Chris Pratt stretching GIFs


36. Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth are both in movies so we can watch them on giant screens.
37. There's now an app that lets you stalk Instagram in peace.
38. The Good Wife returns this week.
39. It's football season.
40. Tom Hardy loves his old MySpace photos.

And the one pop culture fact that will make you irrationally angry:


Angry GIF

But we can get past that (for now) because we have so much to smile about. So smile at a stranger today! Either they'll smile back and you'll feel great about yourself, or you'll creep someone out. Win-win!

You know what else makes us laugh? The best sitcom guest stars of all time!

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