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Jimmy Fallon just keeps making '90s dreams come true!

The Tonight Show host has a major soft spot for hosting reunions—his repertoire included Saved by the Bell and Full House, and last night he brought together Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell to recreate Good Burger. Just call him the 90s show magic maker. 

But we're not going to settle for a mere three of our favorite shows of yore. We're needy like that. There are so many gems from The Best Decade that we'd love to see given a second life, and The Tonight Show is the perfect platform. We've spent a lot of time reminiscing about TGIF and TNBC and the like, so we decided to compile a wish list of sorts for Fallon. Jimmy, are you listening?

City Guys

City Guys


C-I-T-Y you can see why these guys would be the smartest streetwise. Before Sex and the City and even Friends, this was the show that made us want to make the move to the Big Apple. These guys got into all the big city hijinks that our elementary school selves dreamed of, and the super catchy theme song only made it better. If you ask nicely, we'll rap the whole thing for you.

All That

All That, Nickelodeon


Good Burger was a spin-off of this kid's variety show, so pulling together the remaining original cast shouldn't be too hard. And seriously, what can be better than Saturday Night Live for kids? What a way for Amanda Bynes to prove she's back in business. And we know Nick Cannon's always up for more press.

 Clarissa Explains It All

Melissa Joan Hart, Clarissa


We don't know about you, but we could use some advice from Clarissa right about now. Is there anything more calming than Melissa Joan Hart sitting on a bed and offering her cheeky commentary? Probably, but whatever. This reunion is super easy because all we really need is for MJH to reunite with her bedroom. Hello set production!

Family Matters

Family Matters

Two words: Steve Urkel. Seeing Jaleel White is full nerd-mode will never, ever get old. But a reunion wouldn't really be complete without his love Laura, or a little bickering with ol' Carl. Now that's good TV.

Party of Five

Party of 5


For whatever reason, Beverly Hills, 90210 seems to get all the attention. And that's a true tragedy. We always loved the Salingers the best, and this would be one chock-a-block full reunion. Matthew Fox? Heck yes. Scott Wolf? Heck yes again. Neve Campbell? Well, you get it. This would be fire.

Hang Time

Hang Time

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Image

Everyone who remembers this show gets an automatic gold star. This was basically our sole reason for getting up at the crack of dawn (A.K.A. 9 a.m.) every Saturday morning of our childhood. An entire TV show dedicated to a high school basketball team...what could be better? Plus the Tonight Show reunion could involve a whole bunch of attempted dunks and baskets that would make for some hilarious blooper reels.

My So-Called Life

E! Loves: The 90's, My So Called Life

Really we're just looking for any excuse to see more of Claire Danes. The Homeland season is way too short. And, okay you caught us...maybe we'd like to see Jared Leto, too. Jordan Catalano...hubba hubba! The reunion could just be these two standing onstage saying nothing and all of America would tune in.


Anthony Edwards, ER


It's physically impossible to put into words the feelings that E.R. elicits. And we're not talking late-season E.R.; we mean the '90s era with Noah WylieGeorge Clooney and Anthony Edwards. We can still cry on command anytime someone even mentions Dr. Mark Greene. Let's get the old County General gang back together, shall we?

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