Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's New Sisters Trailer!

Ike Barinholtz, James Brolin, John Cena and Maya Rudolph also star in the Universal Pictures comedy

By Zach Johnson Jul 15, 2015 1:00 PMTags

Can Tina Fey and Amy Poehler be our sisters?!

In Sisters, the Universal Pictures comedy directed by Jason Moore and written by Paula Pell, Fey and Poehler play estranged siblings who throw a final party at their house, which their parents are selling. Fans were treated to a first look before the Golden Globes in January, and on Tuesday, the film's first trailer debuted on YouTube.

The movie features an all-star comedic cast that includes Ike Barinholtz, Samantha Bee, James Brolin, Dan Byrd, John Cena, Rachel Dratch, John Leguizamo, Kate McKinnon, Maya Rudolph and, yes, even rapper Ja Rule.

Poehler plays Maura, "the perfect sister," while Fey plays Katie, "the other sister."

When they return home, Katie is outraged to learn that her childhood home is for sale. "This should have been passed on," she complains before throwing a tantrum in the front yard. While reminiscing about their young years, Katie tells her sister, "It's a damn shame that you never had your night here."

"We cannot have a party," Maura protests.

"You've been divorced two years," Katie says. "You can't avoid putting yourself out there forever." She then challenges Maura to invite "that hot guy from down the street" (Barinholtz) to the party.

Later on, while trying on party dresses, Katie looks at herself in the mirror and marvels, "It's a lot of under-teet, but I think I'm getting away with it." A saleswoman then informs her, "It's on backwards." Maura has similar issues, saying, "I don't get this dress. One of my apples keeps rolling out of the bag."

When the sisters stock up on party supplies at the store, they run into their former frenemy (Rudolph). "I heard you're having a party from someone who got invited," she tells the sisters. "That's pretty sad."

By the time the party starts, Katie and Maura are ready to go H.A.M.

"You're the type of badass that I'm susceptible to," Katie tells a tatted hottie (Cena) during the wild bash. Later on, when Maura tries to hook up with her neighbor, things go quickly and comically awry.

Sisters is in theaters Dec. 18, 2015.

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