Shailene Woodley always comes to The Tonight Show bearing gifts.

When she stopped by the NBC late-night show Wednesday, however, host Jimmy Fallon revealed he'd already been turned on to one of her favorite drinks: Bulletproof Coffee. "It's good for your happiness. It's good for your taste buds. It's great for your brain. Your stomach likes it, too," Woodley, 22, raved.

"It sort of supplies your body with a healthy amount of fat in the morning," the Divergent actress said of her morning pick-me-up. "Fat is so underrated! It's so good for you, healthy sources of fat!" Fallon, 40, agreed, saying, "It's so good. I gained 55 lbs. you should have seen me before. I was just wasting away."

The last time Woodley was on The Tonight Show, she brought a phallic herb. This time, she brought a basket of seeds for Fallon's garden. "There's a bunch of different things, but all of these seeds are not genetically engineered. A few of them are heirloom, which means the seeds haven't been altered from their original form, which is pretty rad," the movie star said. "There are some edible flowers in there, I think, too. You can grow 'em. You can garnish a little salad plate with some flowers—impress the neighbors."

"It's not about just what you grow in your garden. There are a lot of wild foods, which are so high in nutrients. If you think about it, everything's been domesticated, so all of the plants that we grow have been altered from their wild form. So, like wild lettuce or wild greens, they have spikes on them. You have to cook them, so people have altered the genes in order to be able to create lettuce that we can get at the supermarket," she said. "But, my favorite is know, the little yellow flower?"

At first, Fallon balked at the idea of eating flowers. "Who doesn't want to eat flowers? Doesn't it make you smile?" Woodley asked while laughing. "Look how happy you are just thinking of eating flowers!"

How does one eat flowers? "You can take the dandelion root and the dandelion leaves and you can dry them and make a tea or a little tincture out of them," Woodley explained. "It's like a liver-kidney tonic."

"My liver's giving me the middle finger right now," Fallon joked. "It's like, 'You drink too much, buddy!'"

Flowers weren't the only unusual food Woodley wanted Fallon to try. "Pine needles are one of the highest sources of natural vitamin C. So, if you're feeling a little under the weather, you can take a few pine needles, cut 'em up, steep 'em in some boiling water for two or three minutes, strain it—vitamin C! bam! There you go!" the Fault in Our Stars actress told him. "So don't throw your Christmas trees away."

Herbalism wasn't the only thing the friends discussed, however.

Woodley was on the show to promote her new movie, White Bird in a Blizzard, which will be released Friday via iTunes and Video on Demand. "There's a scene in the film where [my character is] dancing at a goth club and Gregg Araki, our director, sent me a video of what that means," the actress said before demonstrating her favorite dance moves: "clearing the cobwebs" and "stepping over the dead body."

Because Halloween is just around the corner, Fallon and Woodley decided to play an explosive new game: "Pumpkin Time Bomb!" The goal was simple and silly: With 190 rubber bands already wrapped around a pumpkin, the actress and comedian had to add more rubber bands until the pumpkin blew up.

To see how long it took for the pumpkin to pop, watch the videos now!

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