Shailene Woodley wholly believes in a holistic lifestyle—and Jimmy Fallon loves her for it.

What The Tonight Show host didn't love all that much, however, was the phallic herb Woodley brought to Wednesday's show. "Every time you come on, I always ask you what new things you're doing. Are you drinking a new tea? What herbs do you have?" Fallon asked the 22-year-old Divergent actress.

Woodley then rifled through her string bag, which was full of natural remedies. "I figured, its winter, right? So it's cold and flu season. These are herbs you can find in your grocery store so you can keep your immune system up," she said. The movie star first pulled out ginger root, which she told Fallon is "so good for you if you have indigestion" or "if you have stomach cramps."

Garlic was next on Woodley's list. The Fault in Our Stars actress praised it for being "super antiviral" and "antiseptic." She added, "If you have parasites—ugh!—it's really good for that."

"If you're feeling sick, eat raw garlic," she advised. "I had some this morning, so you might be like, 'Shai, stay away, because you have fire dragon breath.'" Of course, it's not easy to find at odd hours. "Dude, I was at room service at 1:30 a.m. and I was like, 'Oh my god, I'm getting a cold!' I was like, 'Do you guys have any raw garlic?' and they were like, 'You are the weirdest person we've ever talked to.'"

Fallon was on board with ginger and garlic, but when Woodley pulled out raw horseradish—which, let's be honest, looks like a penis—the late-night host got squeamish. "Have you ever seen the actual root before?" she asked the former SNL star. "This is what horseradish looks like in its form."

The Roots played sexy music as Woodley invited Fallon to hold the horseradish root. "I know what it is," he said, taking a sip of water. "I've never seen one this size before. I've got to be honest, this...doesn't look familiar to me at all."

"Are you blushing?" Woodley giggled.

"Normally it's grated up in shrimp cocktail sauce. Shrimp, I'm very familiar with, by the way. Very familiar," Fallon said, as Woodley and the audience laughed wildly. "Almost too familiar with shrimp."

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